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Happy New Year, Grade Elevens

Well grade elevens, this it it. Eight quarters left. Wait, only eight quarters? It seemed like just yesterday we had all of high school ahead of us. Grade 11, so far, has been kinda different. I have different goals, hopes and expectations for this tear. Last year it was basically just trying to survive and pass all our classes. This year we can be more daring and get more involved. We have nothing holding us back!

I know that from grade ten I will be taking some knowledge moving forward into grade eleven.  I know that the teachers at CCH are really friendly and will do what it takes to make sure you are understanding the curriculum. I know that the office staff and admin. team will try their hardest to make sure you have every class exactly the way you want it and are always wanting to help. Also, the kids in the hallways, clubs and classes with you aren’t nearly as scary as you once thought they were last year, when you were in grade ten.

It’s different being in the middle grade because we don’t have the stress of diploma exams and postsecondary schooling resting on us yet, and we aren’t as nervous as all the new grade tens. As one of my friends put it, it doesn’t feel much different, like it’s just another year.

Here’s hoping that we can make this a little better than just another year.

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Kaitlyn Stolte is a grade eleven student at CCH. She enjoys hanging out with friends, binge-watching Netflix, and telling terrible jokes. Her favourite thing about CCH are the three-hour classes.

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