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A Summer Goodbye

It is hard to say who we are. A blonde, a redhead, brunette; are we the roar of a crowd in the stands, or the one with straining muscles, a manic grin in the face of endorphins racing through our bodies; are we the burst of laughter in the hallways, a joke shared among friends, taking up too much space, or the silence in the library, legs strung over the edge of a worn couch, tucked into a book in defence against our surroundings, finding escape, if only for moment, in a few words tattooed onto thin pages?

We are all these things, but we are more than just a colour, a preference, a cog in a clique. We are smiles, we are hugs, we are so many things, but the pinnacle of these achievements is that we are simply love personified. We are love for ourselves, for each other; we are the love given to us by family, friends, soul-mates and that warm hello on a hard Monday morning. We are the bravery that pushes us to get up to face another day, to say that we are worthy: to live and to be noticed and loved. It is because of our dauntlessness that we are able accept all that we are, to not push through our difficulties and shut away emotion, but to take them as a part of who we are and learn to live, not simply survive.

Reality is such a hard thing to pin down. But I’d like to think that reality is internal, and that we are conflicted, upset, furious and despairing when we take up an external reality, a reality that we have somehow convinced ourselves is the truth and the only truth worth living.  But that is not the case. We are bound by our perceptions of right and wrong, possible and impossible, and it is up to us to recreate our boundaries of what we can do, or to cast them aside all together.

We are all shooting stars, dormant under the rocks of our own self-doubt, waiting for clear skies overhead so we can dance across the aerial planes, blazing a trail of our own around the moon. But those skies will never be clear; there will always be other stars, some brighter, larger, some with a dimmer shine and shorter tails. But this is not a competition, to see who can go the highest, the furthest into the atmosphere. We are shades in a mosaic – of immortal happiness.

Hopefully, I have just imparted to you one of the greatest secrets of the world; the secret of becoming. We are not bound by our moulds, by our bodies nor by our minds. If you have passion, and the drive of desire, you can be whatever you set out to be. You can set whatever goals you will, and reach them. You can do anything.

It is hard to say who we are. Because we are anything and everything.

– Kima Hazelwood


That’s a wrap from us folks! From all of us here at Cougars With Quills, we hope you have a restful and blessed summer break. We’ll see you in September with a new team and exciting new posts!

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Insert Your Coin

Insert your coins
you only get a few
Some are shiny and new
Those you got on your own
Others are a little old and worn
Those were given to you by your
parents, teachers, advice-givers

You’ve been playing for
so long but always with your coins in someone else’s
Asking again, again, are
you sure, are you sure
The freedom of decision is
rubbing in your pocket, clanging
out a beat of possibility

Step into the arcade, gleaming lights
pounding your senses, each
letting out the electronic scream of
You know which ones you like
the ones you don’t
But there’s a trick to this little
game we’re all playing
Stuck in this arcade world

Games are fun, sometimes
But we’re all playing for a reason
Searching for something in ourselves
Happiness, satisfaction, pride at
something achieved
Sometimes our coins work
Sometimes they don’t

There are times you can tell, easy –
Oh look, the cord isn’t plugged in
Go choose another game
Other times everything seems

You slide in that precious little
token, a coin to your future
And maybe the game plays for
an instant
Maybe longer than that
But suddenly something goes wrong
And all the games are melting, oozing
around your feet like boiling, bubbling
plastic, hot enough to peel back your
skin and melt away your bones
leaving nothing but the writhing mass
of a tortured soul drowning in
the destruction of all the choices that
could have been, that have been
And everything is

You can choose to stand up
or stay lying down
But if you were to stand up,
amongst the sizzling floor and
remnants of your old body,
There are yet more games

Maybe you’ll choose
wrong but maybe, just maybe,
you’ll choose right

Insert your coin

– Kima


Kima Hazelwood is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. She enjoys writing and reading fantasy, baking, and belly-dancing. Her favourite things about CCH are all the wonderful staff members and linguistic classes.

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