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Not So Indiana Jones – My Interesting Finds

It’s hard to believe CCH is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Other than 50 years of great education for many students of different generations, there are many elements of the school that have been around for a long time, or have cool backstories that accompany them throughout the years. I have found three artifacts that might pique your interest.


The first artifact isn’t something small, like a painting or a statue; rather, it’s a whole building. I was told about the changes made to the building by a friend of my parents, who attended the school in the late 1980’s. This is a building we should all know: the Trinity Learning Centre. I discovered that the Trinity Learning Centre used to be a building dedicated to drama. Some twenty years ago, that building used to be where students would act and perform shows on a large scale. (Can you even imagine?!?) The stage was larger than the Eggplant we have today, and one of the ways people could tell it was the drama room back then was that every window was covered, giving it a dark, ominous look.

The second discovery I made was thanks to Mr. Nixon, who was very willing to give me information on all things that had to do with the chapel. In the west side chapel, there is a crucifix in there that came all the way from Cuernavaca, Mexico. The wood of the crucifix was made out of the wood of the portico (kind of like a gate) of a chapel-like courtyard around that area of Mexico. The wood is over 400 years old now! The corpus is thought to be made out of pewter from that area, and the crucifix was handmade just for the school.

The third discovery of many that I made has to do with the stations of the cross that are spread throughout Campus East. The story behind this one starts at an elementary school called St. Luke’s elementary, and throughout their school, they had the different stages of the cross spread throughout so that the children could be exposed to them more often, and almost follow them on a  daily basis. This gave Mr. Nixon the idea to do the same thing for our school. He collected two kinds of stations of the cross: the basic version, and the social justice version as well, that depicts issues that happen throughout the world today. You can find these pictures hung on entryways and walls around both campuses.

These are just a few of the many stories I’ve heard from different teachers and former students. CCH, I have found out, is full of history and adventures that, if you’re a curious person like me, might strike you as interesting. If you enjoy discoveries, ask around, and I’m sure you’ll find many things just like I did.

  • Ashley


Ashley Judge is a grade ten student at CCH. She enjoys music, reading, and writing. Her favourite thing about CCH is that the food smells so good.

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CCH’s Campus for Science and Inquiry

The landscape of the province of Alberta is changing in terms of education. With the onset of “Inspiring Education”, many schools in Alberta have shifted to new and innovative ways to deliver programs and re-examine how current programs are being delivered. Interestingly many of the key ideas that, provincially, are touted as the “new best thing”, have been commonplace at CCH for some time. One such example is the development of the Science and Inquiry Campus at CCH West.

Originally the idea for the Science and Inquiry Campus for the CCH West came from the High School Redesign Project. From the Project, the educational team at CCH found three facts which led them to see the Westside project as a very natural fit:

  1. Campus West had a science facility that is designed for collaboration.
  2. CCH Science teachers were already innovative and creative in their instructional approaches.
  3. 21st century students need to develop skills in inquiry, problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, and independence.

Additionally, when one considers that we already have two wonderful post-secondary institutions in our city, (the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College), it wasn’t long until this concept became a reality. As educators work together the concept continues to evolve into a CCH success story. As the efforts of Mr.Christensen , Mr.Wikenheiser, Mr.Wilson and Mr.Lebleu developed it became important for them to focus first on the needs of their students. For educators, as Mr. Christensen puts it, “we wanted to better prepare students for post-secondary Science programs.” As a team, these educators have taken something that was great and turned it into something amazing.

As with any process it takes time and effort to develop a solid program and the efforts of the CCH staff should be commended. Although presently the site has only added a powerpoint that you may complete for an extra credit at the 10 level, within the 20 level things are starting to get interesting. A couple of examples include guest speakers from our local post-secondary institutions and visits to laboratory environments at both the university and college. Stay tuned for future updates on their efforts as they continue to fine tune the Science and Inquiry focus on the West campus. Although changes are still on the drawing board for the 30 level subjects educators hope to soon realize their implementation in their classes.

Although timetabling may be one of the biggest challenges for school officials, by putting their heads together, CCH hopes to overcome any obstacles and move the focus forward. As Mr. Christensen points out staff not only had to develop new curriculum but they had to make sure it met with the approval of Alberta Education officials and was in line with where their discussions with post-secondary education had focused.

Sadly, this blog post may not fully articulate all that is happening on the campus but my advice would be to stop in and see firsthand for yourself what is new on the Westside or if you are interested in the area of any of the Sciences at the post-secondary level consult with a school counselor about which program would best suit your own needs.

– Adam


Adam Kobza is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. He enjoys excessive naps, schedule stuffing, and silly study groups. His favourite thing about CCH is the annual musical.

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What’s New at CCH

Being a Grade 10 student I must admit that pretty much everything is new to me this year, but for those of you that are interested in finding out what’s changed here at CCH, I suggest you keep reading.

I’ll start by mentioning some of the great new staff we have with us this year. There’s Mr. Cox who teaches English; Mr. Gilbert has Hockey Academy and Phys. Ed. along with a little bit of Social Studies; Ms. Nordlee is a new, friendly face in Trinity Learning Centre and Mr. Goruk has officially joined the Science department. And last, but not least, Mr. Dalton teaches French. (I would also like to note that if you ever need help with your Chemistry homework, Mr. Dalton’s got your back.)

Extracurricular activities are plentiful here at CCH. There is something for everyone. If you are interested in the performing arts, you might want to take part in the recently added Fine-Arts academy or Dance Club, and don’t forget the school choir or musical theater for you aspiring actors. Keep an ear open for the announcement for this year’s show. Also, Student Council is always looking for enthusiastic members to join the team.

Although these programs aren’t “new”, they could be new to you! If athletics are more your thing, then you will be happy to know that CCH offers an abundance of sports programs: Baseball, Golf, Volleyball, Badminton, Cross-country, Slow-Pitch, Basketball, Curling, Track and Field, and Football.

This year, CCH has also introduced a Science and Inquiry course that focuses on problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking and independence within the domain of science. This course is offered on Campus West due to its modern facilities designed for collaboration.

If you get a chance, you might want check out the amazing travel opportunities planned for this year: New York, France and Japan! I think I should start saving…

I hope you are excited about what’s new at CCH.


Chloe Devoy is a Grade Ten student at CCH. She enjoys skating, running, and reading. Her favourite thing about CCH is Flex time.

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School Hacking #6 – Shining Gyms and Libraries of CCH

Physical fitness is key to healthy living and the benefits are tremendous! Physical fitness improves your mental well being, your physical health, your emotions and will lead to a longer life. Catholic Central High School sees all these benefits of physical activity, and therefore, one of the four pillars of CCH is “Athletics”. You might not see yourself as the next NHL all star, but even going for a half-hour walk, four times a week presents amazing health benefits. Physical fitness is something everyone can engage in; it takes no special skills or talents and everyone has their own limits to how many reps, weights, distances, or times they can do an activity. Fortunately for CCH students, our school possesses excellent facilities on both campuses.

Campus East and West have high quality fitness centres that contain a multitude of equipment to help you meet your fitness goals. Both fitness centres have everything from ellipticals to exercise bikes to weight machines, and everything in between. One of my favourite machines is the rowing machine on Campus West. Not only is it great exercise and you can vary the intensity, but it also has games built into it’s computer. You can race other row boats or do a fish game. Simply put, they provide a lot of motivation for you to try harder (sort of like Flappy Bird). Even better, the fitness centres are open every day at Flex and on Fridays after school. Why not try out the various pieces of equipment to help you work out? Your well being will be sure to thank you!

Like with anything else in life, you don’t want too much of any one thing and, instead, should try to be well-rounded. With all the added energy gained from being physically fit, why not spend some time learning a new skill, studying for your classes, or reading a good book? The library is a great place to do any of these things. The library on Campus East has comfortable couches, large work tables and other spaces that offer students an excellent place to study away from distractions. It also offers many computers for research and other necessary school work. Finally, being a library, it’s also full of books and magazines for whenever you want to just sit down and get immersed in a good book. Although Campus West does not have a traditional library, the eLearning Centre offers students another great space, as well as more than enough computers. The large work tables are great for studying and give you ample space to spread out all of your books and notes.

At CCH, physical fitness is taken seriously as it is one of our four pillars. Of course, the library and eLearning Centre are there to support students in another pillar: “Academics”. A lot of hard work has been dedicated to making sure that these facilities are shining gems of our school, and these facilities are here for YOU, so be sure to give them a try some time; there’s nothing to lose, and only benefits to gain.

– Jules


Jules Pankoski is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. He enjoys flying, music, and travelling. His favourite thing about CCH is the two campuses.

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Campus East + Campus West = One Unique School

CCH is one of the most unique schools in Canada and one of the main reasons is because it has two campuses. Although these two campuses are the same school, they each have their own unique identities making each a little different, but together, they make CCH the great school it is. So get ready! You are about to see what CCH’s two campuses have to offer, and be given a good taste of what to expect from each of them.

The West campus is home to CCH’s hockey and golf academies as well as our very own state of the art pre-engineering lab. One of Mrs. Koran’s goals for CCH’s future is establishing a distinct identity for Campus West; there is proposed idea that Campus West may become a centre for science and inquiry. Because the West campus is much smaller compared to the East campus, it is much quieter and less crowded, which is conducive to studying. If you’re taking a science class and you find that you work better on your assignments when you’re outside of the classroom, the West campus is great for this. You may also get a chance to work in the e-learning centre. The e-learning centre is sort of like a library, but without books. It has many computers and tables offering large spaces for working on assignments and projects.

The East campus offers all of the same core academic options available on the West side but has more of a performing arts focus. It is home to the Eggplant, CCH’s very own performing arts centre where auditions for this year’s production, The Sound of Music, have just wrapped up. Also located on the East campus is the music room where the Steel Panthers and Music Academy work. The East side is also where the numerous second language classes take place and is also home to a full library. Campus East has at least double the amount of students at any time so you’re more than likely to see people you know.

Both campuses are great for fitness and recreation as they each have a standard-sized gymnasium and fully equipped fitness centres that are open for students at Flex time. This is a great and inexpensive way to keep fit with friends. Both campuses also have large cafeterias with tons of seating as well as a canteen where students can buy a hot meal. Each campus has its own chapel, offering a smaller space for celebrations, or for personal prayer. Both campuses offer every student the same core academic options, allowing one to have most of their time in CCH at either campus of their choice.

Now you can see the differences between Campus West, the more science and technology based campus, while Campus East has more of a performing arts focus. Nonetheless, regardless of which campus we attend, we are all a part of the CCH family and together we all share the cougar spirit!

– Jules


Jules Pankoski is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. He enjoys flying, music, and travelling. His favourite thing about CCH is the two campuses.

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