What it Takes to be a CCH Blogger

Even though quarter 4 just started, I’m taking this opportunity to actively recruit new bloggers for the 2017-2018 school year.

But before I get into the particulars about what I’m looking for, I thought I’d have some of our current bloggers inspire you! Here’s what they have to say about being a blogger for Cougars With Quills:

Victoria: To be a blogger, you need motivation to write. If you don’t, you’ll be left sitting at a blank computer screen, unable to form a sentence that you like. But if you actually have the motivation and intent to write, then it is no longer a task, it’s enjoyable. The words effortlessly flow onto the page. Then afterwards, you appreciate it much more.

Charlène: Many would think that blogging is for those who will change their entire schedule to be able to be in an English Honours class and are always seen with their nose in a book. Perhaps to some, the stereotype may be accurate, but a basic knowledge of English vocabulary (thks mrs hartman four korrecting me) and a love for rants will suffice. By joining Cougars With Quills you will learn how to eat four to five slices of pizza without anyone noticing how much of a pig you truly are, and laugh unexpectedly at hilarious jokes. Honestly, if you are hesitating, just give it a try. In my last two years on the team, I discovered the art of writing freely without the pressure of grades and had the chance to create connections with teachers. Between interviewing previous CCH valedictorians, writing Mr. Wikenheiser’s life story, and ranting on how fantastic my exchange in Japan was, my experience being a blogger was anything but dull.

Chloe: As a member of the CCH blog for the past three years I can assure you that joining Cougars With Quills is by far the best decision you will ever make. It will completely change your life, as you will subsequently become incredibly good looking, popular, and rolling in mad cash. Okay, well, maybe not… but what I CAN assure you is that you will receive copious amounts of free food, endless laughs, and of course the ability to freely express your thoughts on the World Wide Web. Pretty cool right? And did I mention that “Two Guys Pizza” is a frequent staple at all blog meetings?

So what have I learned from being a part of the blog over the last three years? Well to start, be yourself. Yes, as cheesy as it is, have confidence in how you express yourself; don’t be afraid to say exactly what’s on your mind. (Well, maybe not exactly.) Second, never underestimate the power of procrastination. It can be both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it results in a lack of creative juices, other times, you surprise yourself with just how well you can write in the crammed span of 30 minutes. Either way, don’t stress too much; Mrs. Hartman has always been super accommodating and understanding in regards to our busy teenage lives. That being said, send your posts in on time. Lastly, I’ve learned to look at writing as more than just a chore, or something to earn me marks. That’s right! I genuinely enjoy writing these posts. It’s given me the opportunity to voice what I’m thinking without really having to connect to any “assignment topic”, and there’s something very real and enjoyable about that. Anyways, my advice for those of you thinking about joining the blog is short and simple: DO IT.

The Cougars With Quills team is actually quite small (no more than nine bloggers in total), but these nine students need to be dedicated, self-motivated, and responsible members. Because a lot of our work is done in the cloud (we only have about four face-to-face meetings in the school year), a basic knowledge of Google Docs and Drive, a cell phone number, and a reliable attitude are all the tools you need.

If you’re interested in joining the team for next year, please come see me at Campus West, or email me at hartmant@holyspirit.ab.ca.

  • Mrs. Hartman

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