Charlie Brown Right Around the Corner

When it comes to musicals, look no further than the Eggplant! A fabulous annual tradition of Catholic Central, every year’s play adds another victory onto an ever-growing legacy. This year’s production, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, is just around the corner and raring to go, showing from March 10th to March 18th.

Telling the story of Charles M. Schultz’s popular comic strip character, Charlie Brown and his gang, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown  brings the comic characters to life at a whole new level. The talented actors of our school have been running non-stop to make this show a great one, so don’t let their hard work go to waste and grab your tickets!

To get a small feel of the play and a few of the lead actors themselves, let’s take a look at their responses to a few questions. Below, I’ve interviewed four members of the cast, asking each the same three questions.

Interviewer: What is your favorite thing about the play, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown?

Brad Hawkins (Charlie Brown): Oh, the music I love so much.

Bailey Dyck (Snoopy): It is just a happy, fun and cute show, and it just leaves the audience feeling good afterward.

Aiden Boon (Lucy): The comraderie of the cast, and how we’re all kind of little kids at heart. It’s nice to be able to reflect that in the show where we can portray how close we all are.

Isaac Gokarn (Linus): The people involved. Cast, orchestra, crew, everyone. The show family.


Interviewer: What aspect of theatre do you enjoy the most?

BH: Probably singing and acting.

BD: I’d say dancing and acting is my favorite, and just performing in general.

AB: I wish I could say dancing, but I’m terrible at it. I just really love everything about it, seeing a project come together in the end, how each individual plays a part in making this amazing thing come true.

IG: Singing, I’d say.


Interviewer: What do you think the moral of this Charlie Brown story is?

BH: That even though you’re put down or sad, your friends will be there for you and you got to just push through it.

BD: I feel like the overall general message is you can find happiness in anything. For Snoopy, it’s suppertime.

AB: No matter how big or small an accomplishment is, happiness and love is everywhere, and you gotta look for it to see it. Open your eyes to find it, you know?

IG: To be accepting of everyone, I guess. Everyone has their faults,but try to see the good in people.

These charming young men and women are all set to give you a mind-blowing experience! Tickets for Catholic Central’s You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown are available for sale now at Campus East’s main office. Get them now for $15 each before they’re out!

  • Addison


Addison Gatner is a grade ten student at CCH. In her spare time she enjoys murder mystery parties, acting, singing, reading, writing and fangirling. Currently, she is experimenting with supernatural fandom. Her favourite things about CCH is having the library right next door to Campus West and the Honours classes.

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