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Coming Soon

I’ll begin this blog post with a “not so well-worded” statement that, quite frankly, describes exactly what I have been thinking as of recently. “HOLY CRAP I’M ACTUALLY GRADUATING!” I mean, I knew it was coming, but after these past three years it somehow managed to sneak up on me. So here I am, one month away from grad, concerned with what shoes I should wear and how to style my hair, when really I should be concerned with what the heck I am going to be doing with my life next year!

The reality of it is, we are all so close to being done with this chapter of our lives. Some of us (like me) might be unsure of what’s ahead while others have already found the path in which they will travel down. Either way, despite everyone’s difference, as of recently there has been a certain indescribable “unity” amongst the grade twelve students here at CCH. Perhaps it’s because we’re all so excited finally be done, or maybe, despite all the stresses of the last three years, we’re all a little sad to leave this place. For the longest time I could not have been more excited about the future that lay ahead, but now that it has finally arrived, I can’t help but feel a little apprehensive.

The truth is, there’s something I don’t mind about waking up at 6:00 just to try and catch the bus in time for school (mainly because I’m a loser that still hasn’t gotten her license). I just might miss those blue plastic chairs I’ve come so used to sitting on over the past twelve years. I’ll even miss having teachers constantly reminding you of due dates and what to study, because this truly is the end of having someone who will hold your hand through the “hardship” of school.

Despite much of my unnecessary complaining about homework, deadlines, and of course trigonometry, I will truly miss this place and although I do not want to leave, a tearful goodbye is coming at the end of the next few months.

  • Chloe

dsc_0892Chloe Devoy is a grade twelve student at CCH. She enjoys writing, skating, and running for the cross-country team. Her favourite thing about CCH is being part of the extra-curricular activities.

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Welcome Japanese Students!

March at CCH is well known as being the busiest time of the year. With the show in full swing, the end of basketball season, the start of all the spring sports as well as graduation quickly approaching (OMG!), we can safely say that students are busier than ever. However, while rushing to your Calculus class or your co-curricular activity you may notice several new faces. They may look somewhat disoriented, in shock of the students’ wardrobes and amazed by the snow covering our lawns. Yes, these are indeed the Japanese exchange students that arrived last Sunday from Sendai, Japan.

Eighteen students and three teachers will be joining our community for the next three weeks. They are students from Saint Ursula High School, Catholic Central’s sister school. For most of these students, it is it their first time in Canada or even outside of Japan. They will have to accommodate to the culture, our language and the time difference. (15 hours – yikes!)  Although it is one of the greatest adventures one can live, it is not simple!

Last summer, Mr. Cox, Mrs. Kroker, nine other students and I left for Japan for two weeks to experience the life of the Japanese. After visiting Kyoto and taking the bullet train at 320km/h, we were placed with Japanese families. We had to accommodate to having rice for breakfast, lunch and supper, wearing some type of uniform to school, going to school on a Saturday, paying in thousands for a meal, and having the courage to participate in Japan’s favorite sport: karaoke. We also had to understand how the toilet works. Yes, you read that right: the toilet. I believe that Canada should import Japanese toilets as they are the most magical thing ever. With over fifteen different settings, they can play music, heat the seat, be used as a bidet and other eccentric possibilities.

However, my fondest memory of Japan is the people. They are the kindest, most generous people I have ever met. They did everything for us Canadian students to feel at ease, and help us fall in love with their country. When I questioned my host father why the were Japanese so thoughtful, he wrote me in a letter about the practice of sado and the principle of Ichigoichie:

“In Japanese, Sado describes the manner to drink tea, one of the most sacred practices of my culture. In this custom lays the most important principle: ichigoichie. It is the idea that if you welcome an individual, they are perhaps a person you see for the first time and also for the last time. Therefore you must welcome them with your best hospitality.” –Norio Murooka

For the next three weeks, between their trip to Waterton and their first hockey game, I hope that the Japanese students will be able to recognize the kindness of Canadians. They are people we may meet only once but, as they believe, every encounter is special and may lead to a new understanding of life and one’s view of the world. Our CCH community must treat them with its best hospitality, as we always do to newcomers. 

  • Charlène


Charlène Golsteyn is a grade twelve student at CCH. She enjoys overbooking her schedule with the many clubs, events, and sports offered at CCH. If she is not doing something with the school, you might find her drawing portraits of her (kinda) cool friends, playing around with E. Coli, or simply talking to her best friend while on the floor eating Nutella by the spoon. Her goal this year is to accomplish everything on her top secret bucket list and leave behind a legacy.

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Charlie Brown Right Around the Corner

When it comes to musicals, look no further than the Eggplant! A fabulous annual tradition of Catholic Central, every year’s play adds another victory onto an ever-growing legacy. This year’s production, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, is just around the corner and raring to go, showing from March 10th to March 18th.

Telling the story of Charles M. Schultz’s popular comic strip character, Charlie Brown and his gang, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown  brings the comic characters to life at a whole new level. The talented actors of our school have been running non-stop to make this show a great one, so don’t let their hard work go to waste and grab your tickets!

To get a small feel of the play and a few of the lead actors themselves, let’s take a look at their responses to a few questions. Below, I’ve interviewed four members of the cast, asking each the same three questions.

Interviewer: What is your favorite thing about the play, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown?

Brad Hawkins (Charlie Brown): Oh, the music I love so much.

Bailey Dyck (Snoopy): It is just a happy, fun and cute show, and it just leaves the audience feeling good afterward.

Aiden Boon (Lucy): The comraderie of the cast, and how we’re all kind of little kids at heart. It’s nice to be able to reflect that in the show where we can portray how close we all are.

Isaac Gokarn (Linus): The people involved. Cast, orchestra, crew, everyone. The show family.


Interviewer: What aspect of theatre do you enjoy the most?

BH: Probably singing and acting.

BD: I’d say dancing and acting is my favorite, and just performing in general.

AB: I wish I could say dancing, but I’m terrible at it. I just really love everything about it, seeing a project come together in the end, how each individual plays a part in making this amazing thing come true.

IG: Singing, I’d say.


Interviewer: What do you think the moral of this Charlie Brown story is?

BH: That even though you’re put down or sad, your friends will be there for you and you got to just push through it.

BD: I feel like the overall general message is you can find happiness in anything. For Snoopy, it’s suppertime.

AB: No matter how big or small an accomplishment is, happiness and love is everywhere, and you gotta look for it to see it. Open your eyes to find it, you know?

IG: To be accepting of everyone, I guess. Everyone has their faults,but try to see the good in people.

These charming young men and women are all set to give you a mind-blowing experience! Tickets for Catholic Central’s You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown are available for sale now at Campus East’s main office. Get them now for $15 each before they’re out!

  • Addison


Addison Gatner is a grade ten student at CCH. In her spare time she enjoys murder mystery parties, acting, singing, reading, writing and fangirling. Currently, she is experimenting with supernatural fandom. Her favourite things about CCH is having the library right next door to Campus West and the Honours classes.

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