Santa’s Anonymous 2016

Christmas’ arrival is right around the corner and all of us are excited for the spirit and break that it offers, but for some, Christmas is a reminder of what is missing rather than what they have. There are people living in Lethbridge, closer to us than we may think, that can’t afford Christmas this year. Since financial difficulty can be a reality that is especially present in winter time, Lethbridge has many organizations that reach out to help those in need.

Santa’s Anonymous is an organization within our CCH community that seeks to provide opportunities for a full and happy Christmas experience for as many families as possible. Through fundraising events like the 24-hour fast in November, the pumpkin sales in October, as well as the donations made from our generous sponsors, Santa’s Anonymous will be able to help some struggling families provide gifts and Christmas dinner for their children. As a collective, all those who were a part of Santa’s Anonymous have already bought and wrapped many gifts for children and families in need and we are getting ready to deliver them in these last few weeks before Christmas. In addition to the gifts, Santa’s Anonymous will provide food according to the specific needs of each family for a Christmas dinner and more. Some of these families may struggle to provide food daily and so a Christmas dinner may be out of reach, but with the help of our volunteers they will have a happy and full Christmas this year.

The Santa’s Anonymous hamper assembly and delivery will be on December 20th next week and as a part of the Santa’s team, I can tell you for certain that we are in need of prayers to strengthen us for our busy day. We will be assembling food and gifts according to the list of families we are able to give to and then delivering everything directly to those families. With Christmas so close, we get caught up easily in the shopping, schoolwork and commercial aspects of the season, but we need to remember to reach out to those who struggle to make Christmas a happy time in their lives. Thank you for your support throughout the year as well as your thoughts and prayers on December 20th for those involved and those who will receive the hampers.

God Bless and Merry Christmas.

  • Hannah


Hannah Couture is a grade ten student at CCH. She has a love for reading good books and for writing. When she’s not reading or writing, you’ll find her analyzing music and watching Montreal Canadiens’ games on TV. She’s brand new to CCH, but so far her favourite thing is Flex time and being in the Honours classes.

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