Christmas in the City

Christmas in the City of Lethbridge is an exciting time for students to take a break from their everyday lives, and take part in celebrations in their community that only happen at this time of year.

Among other things the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden is having a winter light festival from December of 2016 to February 2, 2017. There will be over 96 000 lights on display, and a concession will be on location serving hot chocolate, beaver tails (a fried bread snack), and other seasonal treats and beverages. Hopefully the first year of lighting up the garden is a success and the tradition will carry on in Christmas seasons to come.

If you’re too cold to brave the weather of the light festive, the Galt Museum is offering a Christmas card building workshop. You can use archival photos, scrapbook paper, and other supplies to make beautiful holiday cards on December 7th.

If you’re still eager for more, consider purchasing tickets to go and view the play TINSEL at the Sterndale Bennett Theatre. Tinsel is a comedy and song piece put together and performed by New West Theatre. It runs nightly at 7:30 from December 12th until December 31st.

Our school schedules can make the Christmas season a busy time and we often forget to visit with our family and friends under the pressure of our school responsibilities. The events above are all great ways to support our city’s culture and are opportunities to rebuild those connections we may have been neglecting. Christmas is all about the spirit of the season, making connections, as well as connecting to God. Weekly advent masses are available at multiple churches in the city on both Sundays and Saturdays, so don’t forget to keep Jesus in your thoughts as you celebrate Christmas in the city.

  • Hannah


Hannah Couture is a grade ten student at CCH. She has a love for reading good books and for writing. When she’s not reading or writing, you’ll find her analyzing music and watching Montreal Canadiens’ games on TV. She’s brand new to CCH, but so far her favourite thing is Flex time and being in the Honours classes.

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  1. Love the bio on Hannah Couture! Soon to be world-renowned author and professor of journalism at a very prestigious university of her choosing! She truly is the epitome of promise – and our Grand-daughter!


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