Surviving the First Quarter: A Script in One-Act

{A mid-size Catholic high school in Lethbridge, Alberta. Two grade ten girls  (Addison Gatner and Alannah Crawford) are chatting about their first quarter experience at their new school.}

AG: I think surviving the first quarter … was surprising, in a number of ways, because it’s your first quarter at Catholic Central, and it’s…definitely different than anything else I’ve experienced so far.

AC: I actually didn’t feel that it was very different. I actually really enjoyed the first quarter. I enjoyed the classes especially and the new environment was really nice.

AG: Yeah.

AC: I didn’t feel like it was much different from Junior High, though.

AG: No? I think the shuttle…the shuttle part was a little bit hectic, for the first week at least.

AC: A little, yeah.

AG: It was…um…it took some getting used to, for sure. And I think when it came to the amount of schoolwork, I think it works out really well with the quarter system because the quarter system has so much more time for actually working, and really getting into the lesson, which is nice.

AC: Yeah, I completely agree. Do you have any suggestions for new students?

AG: Um… I believe that… I think the biggest problem with this first quarter was that I expected it to be so different, I started to get panicky and I think the problem there was that I expected and over-thought too much? So, if I could redo it all over again, I think I would change it. I would be less expectant and more open-minded, I guess. How about you?

AC: Um…I would just say, “go with the flow”, honestly.

AG: Yeah.

AC: Like, as long as you get used to it. It’s really easy to get into, that’s one of the good things about it. And once you start going with the flow and just relaxing, just doing what needs to be done, you can excel. And it’s pretty easy in my perspective.

AG: As long as you work hard, though.

AC: Yeah, as long as you’re willing to work.

AG: Yeah.

AC: There is work involved, it’s not that there isn’t any in school.

AG: It’s still work, but…

AC: If you’re diligent enough, you can excel easy in this system, and that’s the good thing about it. It’s that…there’s still the same amount of work but you get more time to do it.

AG: It does bring out the hard worker in you. Because you’ve got three hours to kill, and you either use it to work hard, or you slack off and never get anything done, and… oh look, are those your grades way down there? They sure are.

AC: Just do what you love, do what needs to be done.

AG: If you get really into the subject you’re learning, then it can be really great. But if it’s something that you’re bored with, time goes by very slowly and that’s not a good thing!

AC: But you should make the best of the situation and make sure to balance what you want with what needs to be done.

AG: Exactly. I think this quarter was…I think we survived it okay.

AC: I would agree.

AG: Here’s to the first quarter, and onto the second. Well, if we’re still alive, we’ll let you know.


dsc_0951Addison Gatner is a grade ten student at CCH. In her spare time she enjoys murder mystery parties, acting, singing, reading, writing and fangirling. Currently, she is experimenting with supernatural fandom. Her favourite things about CCH is having the library right next door to Campus West and the Honours classes.

dsc_0952Alannah Crawford is a grade ten student at CCH. She enjoys reading and writing; she also loves drawing (even though she’s super bad at it). Her favourite things about CCH are her classes because she has always enjoyed learning.

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