Daily Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I can already smell the turkey cooking and hear the families gathering. Whether your family is planning a big celebration or has decided to keep things on a lower scale this year, Thanksgiving is a well anticipated holiday, and for good reason. The food is always delicious and it’s relaxing to have a small break from the bustle of the school year to spend seated, full, and happy.

My family has a tradition at Thanksgiving that we all take part in during the prayer before our meal. One by one we each offer a single thing we are thankful for. This allows us to connect and understand each other in a few short words of thankfulness around the table. This tradition to share what everyone at the table is thankful for keeps most members of my family on their toes; we have a “no repeats” rule, so I often start thinking a few days ahead. This year while I was pondering what I would share with whoever was gathered to enjoy the dinner prepared for us, I had an idea. What if we treated everyday like Thanksgiving?

Now, I’m not suggesting that we have large turkey dinners and family get-togethers every night. Instead, I suggest something far more simple. What if we were to spend a few minutes, before dinner or bed, or even while brushing our teeth, to think about what happened during our day that we could be grateful for? This small pause at the end of the day may seem ridiculous and even impossible to some whose lives may be filled with too many things to choose from or simply not enough positives. However, I believe that sorting through and finding that one small thing as simple or as complex as we want could change our lives entirely.

When I think of what I am thankful for it changes from day to day. Sometimes it is something small like a stranger’s smile in the morning on the way school. Occasionally, my day is filled with a more complex positive such as a future-altering opportunity being formed. I am even periodically thankful for my struggles on days when I see how they have helped to make me into a better person.

Being thankful is all about mindset and I know that if we challenged ourselves to find and be grateful for the positives in the day, we would find ourselves feeling much happier and more prepared to face another day. Rather than saving your sense of thankfulness for one moment in a long year, offer it to God daily and allow yourself to feel relaxed about tomorrow no matter what it may consist of, because there will always be something to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Hannah


Hannah Couture is a grade ten student at CCH. She has a love for reading good books and for writing. When she’s not reading or writing, you’ll find her analyzing music and watching Montréal Canadiens’ games on TV. She’s brand new to CCH, but so far her favourite thing is flex time and being in the Honours classes.


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2 responses to “Daily Thanksgiving

  1. Thanks for providing me with a few moments to consider what I am thankful for in advance Hannah!

  2. Bonnie Couture

    We are so proud to read your thoughts about being grateful always! I love that you remember and cherish family traditions, Hannah! Happy Thanksgiving – read your blog to everyone here in Prince George!


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