Fall Activities Update

Fall is one of the busiest times of the year; well, for a CCH student at least! Not only are us students still adjusting to the homework and early mornings, there are numerous clubs and sports to join as well. Out of the loop? Not to worry, as a super cool and majestic grade twelve student, it is my duty to fill you kiddies in!

Sports? Well, let’s state the obvious: football. It’s a little too late to join but you can always pop by the University of Lethbridge stadium to cheer on the Cougars (dress up in Cougar blue to get in for free if it is a home game). Don’t worry, if you’re not a big fan of football CCH has other sports during the fall season too, like volleyball and cross country. Don’t be afraid to talk to any of the athletics teachers like Mr. Wik or Miss. Nordlee to get involved, whether it’s by watching, playing, or joining Athletic Leadership!

If you’re not a sports junkie, there are endless activities to get involved with at CCH. For starters, there is Art Club. No matter what level you are at, Mr. Hogan will happily take you in at flex to expand your knowledge and creativity in the artistic department.  Or maybe you want to show the world how well (or terribly) you can sing; Mrs. Christensen will turn you into a concert choir pro once again, no matter what level you are at!

The great thing about CCH is that there are endless opportunities to turn us into the best versions of ourselves we can be, whether its sitting back with friends, painting in the art room, or running 5km at cross country practice. Be bold and make the most out of this autumn!

  • Bella


Bella Purvis is a grade twelve student at CCH. She lives for dancing any type of dance, reading, playing the ukulele, acting (to help her dance performing skills), and running stairs in the evenings. She’s a vegetarian and loves to cook. She also has a cute little dog named Chester that wakes her up every morning for school. Her favourite things about CCH are all of the activities available to get involved with the school.

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