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Mid-Term Tips

We are only four weeks in the year and it is already midterms season! How is that possible? Where did all the time go? A month ago we were still lazily enjoying the sun outside and now we have to start reviewing all our notes snuggled up in an oversized hoodie with a pack of kleenex in close reach. Midterms come so fast it is easy to panic, but please don’t! As a grade twelve student, I was able to accumulate some tips and tricks on how to pass your midterms with success, without breaking a sweat (or almost). 


We are four weeks in the quarter and those midterms are coming too fast for your liking. Remember this: you are only reviewing four weeks of material. Imagine if you had to remember some weird formula you learned over two months ago? That’s right, it would for sure be harder.


Okay, so your midterm is on Friday and it is already Tuesday. You should have probably started studying a week ago but now you don’t have time to reminisce on the past. Take out your planner. You have four chapters to study and only three nights? Study two chapters a night and keep the last day to review all the material. Make a to-do list if you need to. Personally, crossing out things I accomplished motivates me to work. Write down everything: what you have to study, the review package, the concepts you don’t really get and all your extra homework on the side. Now don’t forget to stick to your schedule and do not leave anything to the last minute.


As a high school student, you’ve already taken too many tests. But, do you know how to you remember the information? How does it “pop” in your head while answering a question? I am a visual and auditory learner. I could tell you where I wrote down the information in my notes or better yet, I can remember the teacher’s joke before she talked about quadratic equations. Associations are one of my main tricks to retain difficult knowledge. Anything works to remember. Learn best how you retain your notes and apply it. If studying in groups is your thing, don’t hesitate to call some friends and meet up after school to study. It can be quite fun and your friend may be able to help you understand concepts you didn’t quite get.


Our long lunch isn’t only there to be able to go to the west side and still have time to stop at Starbucks to get your pumpkin spice latte. It is very valuable time to study, or have your little study session with some friends. That hour break can also be used to ask your teacher some questions on the material you reviewed the night before and don’t quite fully understand yet. You may even be guided in your studying as he or she may say “don’t worry, it’s not important”. It is by far my most valuable tip. Use that flex time efficiently.


Remember that it is only a midterm. It is the perfect time to see what you know and what you don’t know before the scary real deal: the final. Do not worry. You prepared yourself and you are ready. The night before your exam, review once more all your notes and after that, go pamper yourself. Watch a movie, drink hot tea, play video games, read a book, take a bath, or simply go to bed extra early. No matter what, you shouldn’t go to bed late even if it is to study longer. You will only be extra stressed out and it is more likely that you will forget some information.

Go hit your books tonight. A little bit every night makes a big difference! I tried every method. Another tip before I leave you to your textbooks, is to study at least five times a week. Even if it is for fifteen minutes and there is no big exam in sight. This makes the difference between the good student and the excellent one. It also helps you cope with stress and unexpected events.

Good luck!

  • Charlène


Charlène Golsteyn is a grade twelve student at CCH. She enjoys overbooking her schedule with the many clubs, events, and sports offered at CCH. If she is not doing something with the school, you might find her drawing portraits of her (kinda) cool friends, playing around with E. Coli, or simply talking to her best friend while on the floor eating Nutella by the spoon. Her goal this year is to accomplish everything on her top secret bucket list and leave behind a legacy.

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Fall Activities Update

Fall is one of the busiest times of the year; well, for a CCH student at least! Not only are us students still adjusting to the homework and early mornings, there are numerous clubs and sports to join as well. Out of the loop? Not to worry, as a super cool and majestic grade twelve student, it is my duty to fill you kiddies in!

Sports? Well, let’s state the obvious: football. It’s a little too late to join but you can always pop by the University of Lethbridge stadium to cheer on the Cougars (dress up in Cougar blue to get in for free if it is a home game). Don’t worry, if you’re not a big fan of football CCH has other sports during the fall season too, like volleyball and cross country. Don’t be afraid to talk to any of the athletics teachers like Mr. Wik or Miss. Nordlee to get involved, whether it’s by watching, playing, or joining Athletic Leadership!

If you’re not a sports junkie, there are endless activities to get involved with at CCH. For starters, there is Art Club. No matter what level you are at, Mr. Hogan will happily take you in at flex to expand your knowledge and creativity in the artistic department.  Or maybe you want to show the world how well (or terribly) you can sing; Mrs. Christensen will turn you into a concert choir pro once again, no matter what level you are at!

The great thing about CCH is that there are endless opportunities to turn us into the best versions of ourselves we can be, whether its sitting back with friends, painting in the art room, or running 5km at cross country practice. Be bold and make the most out of this autumn!

  • Bella


Bella Purvis is a grade twelve student at CCH. She lives for dancing any type of dance, reading, playing the ukulele, acting (to help her dance performing skills), and running stairs in the evenings. She’s a vegetarian and loves to cook. She also has a cute little dog named Chester that wakes her up every morning for school. Her favourite things about CCH are all of the activities available to get involved with the school.

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A Start to Senior Year

Last Tuesday I entered the halls of CCH knowing that it would be my last first day here. I recall asking myself where all the grade twelves were and that’s when it hit me. I am in grade twelve!

My time spent here has gone by so incredibly fast. I remember wandering around trying to find my class on my very first day, in what seemed to be a maze of a school. Now I know this place like the back of my hand. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the idea that soon enough, I won’t be roaming these halls anymore.

And so…I made a bucket list. Not that I plan on kicking the bucket anytime soon, but I realized that I now have a limited amount of time to accomplish a number of crazy and somewhat cliché adolescent goals. My list includes activities such as super fanning at a football game, surviving calculus, and well…some other things that might be just a bit too embarrassing to mention in a blog post. Then again, what’s high school for if you can’t come out with a few embarrassing stories to tell? I’m not completely sure what to expect from this year but I cannot wait to see what’s to come.  I’m a little nervous, a lot excited, and somewhere in between when it comes to figuring out what I want to do with my life now.

So for all of the seniors at CCH, I hope you’ll make the most out of your last year here, make your own “bucket” list, and embarrass yourselves along with me.

  • Chloe


Chloe Devoy is a grade twelve student at CCH. She enjoys writing, skating, and running for the cross-country team. Her favourite thing about CCH is being part of the extra-curricular activities.

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New Year, New Possibilities

Here we are again, at this time of year when no one has any idea who they will see, where their classes are, or if they even have lockers in the mix of things. The confusion and newness of the situation can be extremely stressful for everyone, especially our Grade 10s that are coming in this year.

I have heard that there are MANY new students coming our way, and that really excites me. I know how stressful it can be coming into a new school, so if you are reading this, I would like to give you a little pep talk to start off your school year the best you can.

I know it can be hard going into a new school, with new people, but you will get used to it. And, at the end of the day, you will enjoy it. Just take this time to be with friends, join clubs, and do what it is you want to do, because this will be the easiest year of high school for you. Make the most of it, because before you know it, it will be the end of the year and you will be wishing for it all back.

And with that, I, along with all of the students and staff that have been at CCH last year, welcome you to the school, and hope that you learn as much as possible.

  • Ashley


Ashley Judge is a grade eleven student at CCH. She enjoys music, reading, and writing. Her favourite thing about CCH is that the food smells so good.

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