Athletic Leadership – What It’s All About

Here at CCH we offer a lot of different extra-curricular activities. From the fine arts to the basketball program, there’s something for everyone. However, we often don’t give enough credit to the smaller (but just as important) school clubs such as Athletic Leadership.

The students in the Athletic Leadership program are the people behind-the-scenes running the score clock at volleyball games and selling Cougar gear at flex time. They are the school’s teams’ biggest fans, and that’s a more difficult job than you would imagine. From pumping up the crowd to selling tickets at the door, school sporting events would not be possible without this team.

Mr. Wikenheiser is the head of the group and probably has the most difficult job of all, organizing events, assigning roles, and, of course, keeping his gang of “hooligans” (as he calls them) in check.

Chloe photo

Athletic Leadership Hooligans in Banff

This year, the Athletic Leadership crew had the opportunity to attend the Banff leadership conference, and participate in activities as crazy as tree jumping! If that doesn’t scream adventure, then I don’t know what does. Whether you’re a sports fanatic looking to help out and show some spirit in games, someone hoping to take a leadership role and score some volunteer hours, or are simply down for a great time, Athletic Leadership is the place for you. If you’re wondering how you can participate in the club, you can talk to Mr. Wik. or send him an email. From personal experience, I can truly say that Athletic Leadership is 100% worth it, so I hope you give it a try!

  • Chloe


Chloe Devoy is a grade eleven student at CCH. She enjoys playing hockey and soccer, and running cross-country for the CCH team. Her favourite thing about CCH is the variety of extra-curricular activities.

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