Post-Grad Feelings

As the only grade twelve member of our blogging team, I have the dubious honour of reflecting upon the fact that we have just graduated. We’re done! Except…not really. With another 2+ weeks of school left, it’s tough to get back into things after such a final celebration. Who wants to write essays anymore, now that we’ve graduated? Certainly not me.

But, we’ve got to push past those feelings. We’re on the final stretch, the last leg of the race that is high school. Now is the time to sprint to the finish, and give it your all, rather than walking the last mile. Don’t throw away all your progress now. Continue to work hard for just three more weeks, and then finish your celebrations. You’re not done yet. We’re not done yet.

The reality is, we are so close to being done. Some of us are moving on to further our formal education, others starting careers in the trades. Still others have no clue yet what they want to do with their life, and who they want to be. That’s okay–you’ll figure it out.

To steal a quote from every speech the graduates heard on grad weekend, “Look how far you’ve come.” I know, I know–we’re all tired of hearing these five words. But to me, it’s the perfect statement of exactly how much we’ve accomplished. From those first days walking through the doors in grade ten, huddled in small groups of friends, to today, when we walk through the doors as one family. It’s cliché, overstated, and dull–but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Most of us have spent three years at this school. We’ve bonded through shared misery, triumphs, and all the mediocre days in between. And, to brag a little, there have been many, many triumphs by our grade twelve students this year. I may not personally know all of my grad class, but we share a bond. We all suffered through the same speech at the start of the year about what we wanted our legacy to be, cried together during our harvest retreat, and celebrated together last weekend as we walked across the stage to receive our (fake) diplomas. At the Grand March, I had met no one in my group before. I had never even seen them in the hallways. And yet, when I joked about how our “legacy” should have been to be the one class that completely faked the cap toss, they laughed and we commiserated about the many ways Mrs. Koran would have made us suffer for that. They understood. We’re all just extended family, but we are family nonetheless, and I am certainly going to miss that when I go off to University in Saskatoon next year.

This will be my final post on this blog, so before I sign off, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Mrs. Hartman, our invisible editor, for everything she’s done for me, and for this blog. She’s helped me gain so much confidence in my writing, and is a great person and great teacher.

PS: Mrs. H, good luck with your students next year, and in future years–they won’t be as awesome as my class.

  • Kaitlyn


Kaitlyn Baron is a grade twelve student at CCH. She currently has no spare time, but fantasizes about all the reading and catching up on nerdy TV shows she’ll get to do once her schedule quiets down (in about five years). Her favourite things about CCH are the Honours and Enrichment classes and the quarter system.

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