Perks of Being a Blogger

Well, the last quarter of the year is among us, and for some of us, that means either a new beginning, a strong middle, or a fantastic end to your CCH experience. It’s exciting, but also quite sad, how many people are moving on, especially the bloggers. This article is a loving memoir, and a brief explanation of the certain perks that come with being a blogger.

Being a blogger means being a part of something–and who doesn’t love that? It is one of the many ways that CCH aims to connect all its students together to do great things. Cougars With Quills specifically is a way to cultivate your own voice and share it with the student body (and greater community) through fun topics and wonderful posts each week.

When you are a blogger at CCH, it shows you a slightly different side of things that you never really expected to see. If you have ever read our blog before, you know that there are many different topics that we use for different events and times. These topics can help you make interesting discoveries, learn about the students and staff of the school, and especially help you become more familiar with your surroundings and school events.

And lastly, the blogging community at CCH may be small, but we are truly surrounded by a wonderful group of students and staff. Even though we only meet about four times in the school year, we have so much fun planning for new topics (while eating pizza)! It is a great center of friends to connect with.

Overall, being a blogger is a great experience and a good way to connect with others in ways you might not get the chance to at other times. That being said, I invite all new and current students from CCH to come join Cougars With Quills, and to join in on all the fun.

*Editor’s note– If you are interested in joining our blogging team for the 2016-2017 school year, please email Mrs. Hartman for more information:

  • Ashley


Ashley Judge is a grade ten student at CCH. She enjoys music, reading, and writing. Her favourite thing about CCH is that the food smells so good.

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