CCH People to Know – Mr. Bulger

First, I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Mr. Bulger for allowing me to interview him at the last minute. To be perfectly honest, he didn’t even know we had a blog, until recently. I don’t know how he managed to miss the excessive amount of outdated meme posters advertising it!

Mr. Colin Bulger grew up in Calgary before beginning an education degree at the University of Lethbridge. Like many teachers and potential teachers, he went into education for “the ridiculous reason of changing someone’s life,” which I do not think is ridiculous at all. It is certainly a better reason than doing it for the money. For a student who excelled in high school chemistry, it was a simple choice to turn that into a profession. He wishes he could also teach physics, but confesses that he is not very good. Surprisingly, he never took biology in high school, but ended up teaching  a Biology 20 course at CCH. During the summers of university, he worked as a carpenter, which is his second career choice. Woodworking is his hobby, although it has become harder to practice due to him being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

In Quarter three of 2000, Mr. Bulger began working at CCH after completing his PSIII (final teaching practicum) at the school. When asked about the preference for the quarter system versus that of the semester system, he couldn’t pick, as he has only ever taught for CCH’s quarter system. However, he confided that he talks a lot and would likely waste an entire class in the semester system with his stories, and that at least in the quarter system, the students have time to regroup.

Mr. Bulger has many fond (and not so fond) memories of teaching, and so was hard pressed to determine his favourite. The one tale that I was most impressed with was when he had had six students in one class get a perfect score on their chemistry diploma exams. Also, while teaching the “Structure and Forces” unit for the seventh graders at Father Leonard Van Tighem, he wore his roller blades to school to illustrate the difference between a large force and subsequent acceleration and a small force and acceleration by using students of different sizes to push him down the hallway.

In his limited spare time, Mr. Bulger drives his two children, ages 12 and 13, to hockey and swimming, respectively. “Hockey takes up most of our time,” he says. “There isn’t much spare time, which is a good thing because I’d probably fall asleep if I had spare time.” Nonetheless, he manages to have the time to travel extensively– he has been to Europe for weeks at a time, as well as the Scandinavian countries, the Baltics, and across Canada, America and Mexico. His favourite place was Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich was “the cleanest place [he’d] been in his life,” with filtered water in the fountains. He saw cyclists fill up water bottles from them numerous times. A close second favourite is Copenhagen, Denmark. Both cities were very expensive, however.

Upon winning the lottery, Mr. Bulger wants to take his family on another vacation. He hasn’t been to east Asia yet, nor Australia, so those are both on his bucket list of places to visit. I wish him luck in choosing that lucky ticket!

Editors note: The MS Walk on April 30th is an excellent opportunity to show our support for Mr. Bulger. To register, stop in at the school office for information.

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Kaitlyn Baron is a grade twelve student at CCH. She currently has no spare time but fantasizes about all the reading and catching up on nerdy TV shows she’ll get to do once her schedule quiets down (in about five years). Her favourite things about CCH are the Honours and Enrichment classes and the quarter system.

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