Our Future Family Members

Do you remember seeing packs of (not so) little wide-eyed teenagers roaming the hallways two weeks ago? Those cafeteria spot stealers? The little rascals that were the cause of our unscheduled break times that made it so difficult to get to talk to your friend in Chemistry class because we apparently had “special guests”?

Yes, those were, indeed, “special guests”– those were the grade nines getting ready to invade our school and make their high school debut next September. For us future grade elevens and twelves, it is our duty to make them feel welcomed because, while talking to some of the future grade tens, I quickly realized that they are all pretty scared and not quite ready to leave their middle school memories.

So, it’s time to introduce the thoughts and feelings of our future locker neighbours, teammates, and friends: the grade tens. I interviewed two current St. Francis students about their hopes and dreams for high school.

Q: Are you excited to be in Grade ten here at CCH?

Ysabel: Absolutely! I’ve been excited since I saw High School Musical when I was ten, or something. Sadly, not everyone will be singing all the time so that’s why I’m planning on joining the fine arts. I can’t wait!

Louis: I am but at the same time I will miss St. Francis because I loved being the “big kids”, but I still know I will have fun no matter what. I am also very excited to get my license and meet new people!

Q: Are you planning on joining any clubs, sports, fine arts or leadership group?

Ysabel: As I mentioned earlier, I want to try all the different kind of fine arts programs offered at CCH such as choir, the musical, art class and maybe even the Steel Panthers. I am really impressed by the selection of programs. There is really something for everyone.

Louis: I’m thinking of joining the football team and maybe badminton. I’m still not too sure yet. Also, I love the fact that there is a gym we can use during flex time or after school.

Q: Do you have any fear going into grade ten?

Ysabel: Yes, quite a bit, actually. I feel like I won’t make any friends and I’ll drift apart from my old ones. I really do enjoy middle school, but I guess change is good. Also, the quarter system sounds scary. I’m not sure how I will survive three hours of math EVERY DAY!

Louis: I’m scared that everything will go too fast! Entering middle school feels like it just happened yesterday. I also fear the classes. The teachers keep telling us that we won’t have as much free time and way more homework. I’m not excited for that.

Q: Do you have any goals for your upcoming high school years?

Ysabel: Yes! I want to finish on the honour roll with an immersion diploma, be proud of myself, make friends, get my license, grow out my hair, be a part of the fine arts family and just have fun!

Louis: I just want to enjoy every moment because my brother, who will be in grade twelve next year, keeps saying that it’s going really fast. I want to be able to say when I wear my cap and gown, ‘Wow! That was fun!’

  • Charlène


Charlène Golsteyn is a grade eleven student at CCH. She enjoys participating in many events, clubs, and sports offered at CCH. If she is not doing something with the school, you might find her working on her latest scientific experiment, painting, or trying a new French, baking recipe. Her favourite things about CCH are the incredible teachers and students that make school fun.

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