Beauty and the Beast

It’s March, which means that this year’s musical production (Beauty and the Beast) will be in full swing very soon. In honour of this event, I’ve interviewed some of the lead actresses to get an inside scoop of what they think about the show and how it’s coming along.

The first question I asked was: “How does it feel to be a lead in Beauty and the Beast?” One of the Belles, grade eleven student Bailey Dyck, was almost speechless just thinking about it. “It’s really exciting,” she told me, “especially because I wasn’t expecting it. It’s a big responsibility, but it’s also a lot of fun to become another character and just experience it.” I asked Chip the same question, grade ten student Britain Nelson: “I was very surprised, because it is my first show, and I didn’t really get the chance to show them what I could do beforehand. I’m glad they had enough faith in me to give me this part.”

My next question was one I find personally very interesting: “What do you think is going to surprise people about this show?” Mrs. Potts, AKA: Kiara Mitchell, was eager to answer this question for me. “I think people will be surprised the most by the costumes, because if I was coming to see this particular show, I wouldn’t know what to expect. Seeing as Beauty and the Beast is a fantasy, the costumes could have a wide range of possibilities.” Aleigha Goldade quickly jumped in on the subject: “The whole production will surprise them, because it’s such a high caliber show for a high school to do.”

One of my last questions for the cast was: “Who in the show is most like their character?” There was a strong consensus that Bailey Dyck was most like her character, Belle. “Bailey is a princess; Bailey is Belle. She’s beautiful, kind, loving…she is 100% perfect for this part.” Bailey had another opinion on that subject: “I’d say Megan is the most like Belle, because she’s really intelligent and kind, and she just really fits the character.”

It was a pleasure interviewing all of the lead actresses and getting to know how they think the show is going. I personally think that the play is coming along very well, and that the show will be a smash hit. It is a pleasure to be part of such a big element of CCH, and I can’t wait for the live show to begin. Remember, student preview night is this Thursday, March 3rd. I hope to see you all at one of the shows supporting your school.

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Ashley Judge is a grade ten student at CCH. She enjoys music, reading, and writing. Her favourite thing about CCH is that the food smells so good.

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