Bloggers’ Christmas Wish List

If you had a Christmas wish list that was specific for CCH, what would you include? Do not fret! The Cougars With Quills team has compiled the list for you!

Kaitlyn B: My Christmas wish list for CCH consists of just one thing– to fix the heating on Campus West. Or should I say, turning the heat on at the West side? I’m sure they remembered to pay the power bill this quarter. I mean, at least the internet works, but I’d love to be able to use it without bundling up in my long johns, ugly Christmas sweaters, and snow suits. And yes, I did mean to pluralize.

It turns out I lied–I actually do wish for one more itsy bitsy change to Campus West. All they’d have to do is tear out the expensive, brand new hardwood floor in the gym, dig a big hole, and turn it into a pool. Who needs a gym anyways? A pool would be a far more awesome use of that space.

A pool isn’t a bad idea. In fact, we could be the first school in Alberta to have ultimate sports mash-ups: underwater badminton, snorkelling basketball, etc. Mrs.Koran: please look into this. You know, for High School Redesign?

Ashley: What I would like for Christmas for CCH is for the SmartBoard screens to be brighter, because I’ve heard a lot of complaints from students and teachers alike. Another thing that would be wonderful for Christmas would be a debate club at CCH, because some students just can’t stop debating in the hallways, let alone in class, about the most random of things.

Or better yet: a debate club that can travel on the road to raise awareness (and money) for brighter SmartBoard screens for all of the children. (#firstworldproblems) Maybe arguing at the screens will make them brighter?

Charlène: What I want for Christmas this year isn’t something that can be wrapped up and put under the tree. Among other things such as world peace and an unlimited supply of Nutella, I wish for a teleportation device to save me from the annoying cold and, not to mention, time-consuming shuttle trips to Campus West. I also wish for a cloning device to bring all my long-forgotten friends that I haven’t seem since quarter one (tragic, I know) to the west side. I get that having two campuses is actually pretty cool, but sometimes, especially around Christmas, the whole dual campus things turns me into such a grinch.

I heard it through the grapevine that your so-called “friends” ate the entire world’s supply of Nutella. Are you sure you want to hang around with that kind of crowd?

Kaitlyn S.: My CCH Christmas wish list follows some popular Christmas rhymes:

“All I want for Christmas is my two-week break…”(to become a well-deserved four-week break.)

“Away in a hallway, more water fountains are found…”(Real water fountains, not the water bottle ones.)

“‘Tis the season to push back start times! A later start time for all, and for all, more sleep!”

Well, at least you’re cheery and musical about your griping.

Chloe D.: I wish that school would start a good hour and a half later in the day. I mean, come on. If we’re driving to school while it’s still dark out, it’s clearly a strong indicator that school is not meant to start for at least another two hours.

Also, I wish the school would invest in a heating system for Campus West, so that every time I complain about getting cold, Mr. Wilson won’t tell me to go sit in a corner because it’s 90 degrees.

You are SO right Chloe. This is an OUTRAGE. No one should have to forebear terrible, math-related puns.

There you have it! We hope that Santa has heard our pleas because we’ve been awfully good (oxymoron?) this year!





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