Advent and Our Faith Pillar

Can you believe it? Christmas is less than a month away and Advent has just begun. With this holiday season upon us, it’s a great time to reflect on  one of our four pillars: faith.

Faith has always been a large part of CCH. Catholic Central is built on the fact that we share our faith, and we celebrate it in many ways, from Religious Ed. classes to school-wide masses. Taking part in our faith tradition runs 50 years back; CCH was founded on the Basilian motto: Teach me Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge. The clergy were once a part of the teaching staff!

Advent is a great time to think about how you can give to those around you. There are various clubs around the school who are willing to accept whatever you can give. Santa’s Anonymous just finished up their bottle drive but they are always looking for more people to sign up and help. The Interact Club is also working on some fundraisers and will be giving out more details soon.

There are also things you can do around the community to beat this drab weather. You can shovel the walkways for one of your neighbours, brush the snow off of someone’s car, or get a group of friends together and volunteer for a morning at the homeless shelter. You can take part in the angel tree, donate food to the Food Bank or take part in Mass. Do small, simple things that will allow you to show those around you that Jesus is alive in you, especially over this blessed Advent season.

  • Kaitlyn S.


Kaitlyn Stolte is a grade eleven student at CCH. She enjoys hanging out with friends, binge-watching Netflix, and telling terrible jokes. Her favourite thing about CCH are the three-hour classes.

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