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November is Wellness Month

November is Wellness Month! If you haven’t already noticed, Catholic Central’s Wellness Committee is organizing many events this month to promote health to the body and soul of our community.

You probably already noticed that there is a dodgeball tournament going on right now. Many posters of the team members are covering up the trophy gallery right by the gym. The matches are supposed to be quite competitive and amusing to watch. Wouldn’t it be fun to see the teacher team get beaten by a group of ruthless high school students? If this is your type of fun, don’t hesitate to show up and support your friends (or favourite teacher)! The next tournaments will be held this Thursday, November 26th, next Tuesday (December 1st) and next Thursday (December 3rd).

If you come to school early, you may have noticed some teachers and students handing out granola bars, juice boxes, and fruit in the cafeteria at both the East and West Campuses every Tuesday and Thursday morning before class time. The Wellness Committee is also planning to have a smoothie day this Friday (November 27th). Don’t miss out on this because it will be quite delicious.

Nurses presently enrolled at the University of Lethbridge are also taking over the cafeteria on December 4th to talk about mental health. Last week, they had a poster about physical education and, after checking it out with my friends, I can say I learned a lot on the subject and I think it is also a great opportunity to talk to future nurses, especially if you’re thinking of pursuing this career path.

I have just listed a few exciting events that the Wellness Committee is currently organizing. And, being a part of the committee myself, I can tell you we are planning some pretty fun activities for the rest of the year. Also, if you wish to join the Wellness Committee, just come to the Biology classroom on Campus East, every Wednesday at Flex. If you’re on Campus West, show up on Thursday at Flex in room 522.

On that note, I wish you good health and I hope to see you participating in at least one of these fun events!

  • Charlène


Charlène Golsteyn is a grade eleven student at CCH. She enjoys participating in many events, clubs, and sports offered at CCH. If she is not doing something with the school, you might find her working on her latest scientific experiment, painting, or trying a new French, baking recipe. Her favourite things about CCH are the incredible teachers and students that make school fun.

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CCH People to Know – ?

Hey CCH! We’re going to be doing our typical “people to know at CCH” post a bit differently this time around. We will be asking a teacher a number of questions and we’ll let you try and figure out who it is by their responses.

Why/how did you become a teacher?

So…being a typical teenager, when my mom said to me, “You will be a teacher,” I rebelled. I tried: travel consulting, business administration, languages, and fitness training. I couldn’t decide. One day I decided “What the heck? Maybe mom’s right…” (moms usually are) and secretly applied to the University of Lethbridge’s Faculty of Education. The rest, as they say, is history.

What is the best part about your job?

The students of course! They keep me young, make me laugh, keep me on my toes academically, and ALWAYS amaze me with their depth of humour and intelligence.

What has been your funniest teaching moment?

They happen every day. Humour is essential to my being. It’s essential to learning. The one that students never let me forget? On my desk I have a sheet of glass. One day during instruction I popped up to sit on my desk and all you could hear was “craaaaaaccccckkkk”. There was dead silence before we all started laughing and one student piped up with “Hey ________, that’s funny! Your @$$ broke your glass!”

If you could have picked any other career what would it have been?

A photojournalist for National Geographic, BUT I’m afraid to fly, so had to rule that out, or a marine biologist, BUT I can’t swim so had to rule that out as well.

What do you like doing in your spare time when you’re not busy being a teacher?

When I’m not busy being a teacher I like to golf, mountain bike, read, garden…and, of course, being my kids’ number one fan!

Last hint: Plus or minus many students’ reports, our special CCH person-to-know is a favourite teacher at CCH. If you add up all the facts, you may guess who this teacher is. 2 a certain degree, you could even say they are infinitely amazing (much like Buzz Lightyear)!

That’s all the scope we’ll give you readers on this quirky teacher. Now let’s see if you can figure it out!

  • Chloe


Chloe Devoy is a grade eleven student at CCH. She enjoys playing hockey and soccer, and running cross-country for the CCH team. Her favourite thing about CCH is the variety of extra-curricular activities.

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