Spooky CCH Myths (And a History Lesson)

With Hallowe’en on the horizon and the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of CCH, it seems perfectly appropriate to blend spooky myths and history lessons into one blog post.

Anywhere one goes, ghost stories can be found. Every place one can think of has its share of scary stories, and CCH is no exception. From haunted rooms to mysterious tunnels, we seem to have exceeded our quota of paranormal activity. However, unless one counts the “ghost” scratched into a stall in the ladies room as evidence, then we have very little concrete proof of anything amiss, so we have to make do with sharing the stories.

My first introduction to the plethora of ghost stories around CCH occurred during my first course in high school, what feels like a million years ago. It was Religious Studies 15 and my teacher, Mr. Tailfeathers, whole-heartedly believed that the room was haunted. Papers would move or disappear when he was not in the room, posters would fall erratically, and he was sure that he could sometimes hear voices when no one else was in the room. No one else was convinced. Yet, the next year, he did leave CCH…so maybe there was some truth to the story after all.

Possibly the most well-known myth in CCH is the existence of tunnels connecting École St. Mary, St. Francis Junior High and CCH Campus East. The theory goes that the CCH entrance to the tunnels lies near the Eggplant Theatre at the bottom of a long set of stairs to the basement. The fact is, however, that this is a myth. There are no tunnels or anything of the sort connecting the schools, ergo, MYTH BUSTED. Now, I could end this here, but what would be boring. Instead, I will propose a hypothesis as to how this particular myth was born.

Many, many years ago, from the seventies to the eighties, the CCH we know today did not exist. instead, it and St. Francis were considered one school, even though they were not physically connected. Between the two schools, they taught grades eight to twelve. Anyhow, back then, the band room and Eggplant at CCH had not yet been constructed. Instead, the two rooms were combined to make a second gym–which explains the unusually high ceiling. Students would trek back and forth in order to use the gym. Sadly, this was without the use of a tunnel, although I’m sure it would have been wonderful in the winter. However, the perfect place for a tunnel would be near the now-Eggplant, and a convenient entrance for it would be at the bottom of the stairs nearby. According to my sources, the tunnel myth did not exist back then, so it had to have been started later. Therefore, my hypothesis is that the tunnel myth was a response to the splitting of CCH and St. Francis in 1980. I believe that some students, hearing that the two schools used to be connected, constructed a story that would still be told decades later–a mystical tale that fascinates the new grade tens every year.

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Kailtyn Baron is a grade 12 student at CCH. She currently has no spare time but fantasizes about all the reading and catching up on nerdy TV shows she’ll get to do once her schedule quiets down (in about five years). Her favourite things about CCH are the Honours and Enrichment classes and the quarter system.

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