CCH People to Know – Mr. Wikenheiser

Our Mr. Wikenheiser has taken over Mrs. Delbello’s legacy by becoming our new Athletic Leadership Coordinator. As you ave may noticed, Mrs. Delbello isn’t roaming the hallways anymore as he has taken her retirement last June after many great years of teaching and coaching at CCH. Sadly, grade tens don’t have the opportunity to meet the personification of Cougar spirit via Mrs. Delbello…

…but they do with Mr. Wikenheiser!

If you don’t know Mr. Wikenheiser, you can find his 18-year-old-self’s picture in one of the early 1980’s graduation frames in the hallways of Campus East, although he looks somewhat different now (but not saying ‘older’). And yes, since only three years of high school wasn’t enough fun, he decided to come back to CCH, and this time, as a teacher. If you still don’t know who he is, you can find him in Biology class, passionately teaching about nature’s wonders and showing pretty amazing TED talks which really do open your eyes to the world.

Mr. Wik (as almost everyone calls him) didn’t get his new job as Athletic Leadership Coordinator for nothing. He coaches the Junior Slo-Pitch team, has been by Mrs. Delbello’s side since the Athletic Leadership group started many years ago and is present at almost every sporting event organized by CCH. If you have already attended one of the volleyball games (which I recommend you do so), you may have seen him beside two or three students keeping score, selling tickets at the gate, modelling Cougar swag, or just simply cheering for our team. If you are not the sporty kind of student but still love to support the Cougars, Athletic Leadership is a fun way for getting involved in the school. Meetings are held every Friday after classes, and we even get pizza sometimes. It is possible to get some free Cougar wear depending on the hours of volunteering one performs. However, this year is special! Mr. Wikenheiser is organizing a trip to Banff in late May for those who have accumulated more than fifty hours of volunteering. If you are interested, show up, participate, and you will realize how much fun it is!

On that note, I hope you will have the opportunity to have Mr. Wikenheiser as a teacher or coach because nobody embodies the Cougar spirit better than him!

  • Charlène


Charlène Golsteyn is a grade eleven student at CCH. She enjoys participating in many events, clubs and sports offered at CCH. If she is not doing something with the school, you might find her working on her latest scientific experiment, painting, or trying a new French, baking recipe. Her favourite things about CCH are the incredible teachers and students that make school fun.

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