First Impressions

Ah, yes. Who would forget that great moment when you finally walk through the doors of almost-adulthood and join the bustling crowd of high school? I know I won’t. The entire school is so…different. It’s all completely new to me. Here are some of the new things I noticed in the first week of high school.
It was hard enough for me trying to catch one bus on time, but now I have to catch two. I now have to catch a bus four times in one day because of where my classes are. I tend to miss buses a lot because I take my time to get my stuff, but with two buses, that is no longer an option. You have to be fast, or else the bus will leave without you.
Another thing I noticed is that the classes are much longer than I expected. Three hours of class work is such a big jump from the 40 minute classes I’m used to from junior high school. The class curriculum is also extremely fast-paced. It has only been one week, and I already have a unit exam in one of my classes.  I finished an entire chapter in Social Studies. It’s crazy!
Also, CCH offers so many extra curricular activities. I have never heard of a school offering so many fine arts groups! I love the fine arts, and I have always found that there was more of a concentration on sports during my previous school experience. That is certainly not the case with CCH. They offer plenty of after school activities for everyone; there are sports, two different choirs, two bands, steel drums, volunteer opportunities…you name it! You can honestly never be bored at CCH.
To top it off, the school smells so good! At flex, the cafeteria smells delectable. Too bad I keep forgetting to bring money to buy some…
Overall, I can honestly say I’m really enjoying CCH so far. The first week of school has been an amazing experience for me, and I am really looking forward to the rest of the school year.
  • Ashley


Ashley Judge is a Grade Ten student at CCH. She enjoys music, reading and writing. Her favourite thing about CCH (so far) is that the food smells so good.

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  1. Mrs. Polec

    Welcome Ashley and all new students to CCH!


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