What to do During Summer Vacation

This summer I plan to go to Idaho and watch my brother in a soccer tournament, but also i will do some shopping, which means I get to stay in a hotel for a few nights with free internet and air conditioning (as opposed to our usual summer camping trips). My dad also wants to take us to Las Vegas, although I am not too sure if those plans will work out. If we do go, I’ll probably relax by the pool and read a book, since I have more than ten unread books sitting on my shelf. (I always tell myself I won’t buy more, but I do anyways.) But, if it weren’t for out usual family holidays, I wouldn’t have much to do. If you’re like me, then you might need some tips on beating boredom, so I’ve included a list of “how-to-stay-busy-in-the-summer” activities that  are relatively low in cost.

1. Write a Novel (…no big deal)

How could I not include this? I am a part of the blog team! There are many fun ways to keep up with writing such as Camp Nanowrimo, an online writer’s camp that takes place in the summer months. It usually runs around June or August, sometimes they have a session in April as well. This won’t cost anything but time, and if you want to buy shirts they’re going to cost around $30 once you add shipping costs. Visit www.campnanowrimo.org for details.

2. Volunteer or Get a Job

Many places are looking for leaders for summer camps. Most are volunteer positions and last around a week. If you’re looking for a fun way to get involved in the community look out for these opportunities. There are several Church Bible Camps around Lethbridge that are looking for volunteers, and some even give you a snack or lunch depending on how long in the day the camp lasts. (How can you go wrong with free food?)

3. The Ice Cream Challenge

My favorite place to go for ice cream is Marble Slab and if you have coupons it is about the same price as Dairy Queen. The premise of this challenge is to create the most delicious flavour you can think of. You’re going to need a few friends for this one, as everyone will try each of the ice creams and vote on a favorite. (This challenge was adapted from a contest Marble Slab held a few years ago.) You can give the winner a prize, or just eternal bragging rights.

4. Find a Project

Every summer seems to drag on for me; usually I sit in the house and watch Netflix because there is nothing to do. However, recently, I’ve always had some sort of project on the go. One of them is painting, another sewing, as I made my own Halloween costume last year. In the past my family has worked on everything from soccer nets to cat trees and we’ve even talked about making an art easel for my painting. Regardless of what you enjoy, there is always a project that could suit you! If you can’t seem to think of anything, there is always Pinterest for a lot of inspiration.

So, there you have four ideas to help you make this summer break a little less boring…I mean, unless you enjoy watching Netflix all day, every day. I know that I’ll be trying to cross all these items off my list! I hope you all have a wonderful summer and continue to push through to the end of this last Quarter!

– Nicole


Nicole Anton is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. She enjoys writing novels and spending way too much time on the internet. Her favourite thing about CCH is English class.

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