Stay Motivated!

Well, we are nearly through quarter three and motivation and willpower are dwindling. Summer is still so far away and Christmas feels like it was ages ago! Here are five sure-fire ways to stay motivated and focused through these next two weeks:

  1. Make plans with your friends but only go if you have all homework and studying finished. Make fun plans with friends like going to the movies or going out for hot chocolate dates, but only go if you complete all homework for that day/weekend. This will give you an incentive to do all your homework right away and will stop you from procrastinating. It also helps to get away and release the stress of school.
  2. Join new clubs and teams. With spring and summer right around the corner, new clubs and teams are starting up. You may also be able to join clubs that have been going for a while.  Join things like yearbook, wellness club, leadership, baseball, softball, track and field, and spring football. Getting more involved in things around school will allow you to make more friends and build relationships that could last a life time.
  3. Have mental health days. During the weekends especially, make sure you take time for yourself. Do things like sleep in, eat healthy and tasty foods, take long walks and have nice long showers. Do anything else that will make you happy. Take these days to allow yourself to be stress free and get centered. It will keep you motivated and keep you moving in the right direction.
  4. Plan study dates with your friends. Making study dates with your friends is a fantastic way to prep for upcoming exams. Even if you aren’t all taking the same courses this quarter, chances are they have taken the class you are currently taking, which means you can use their study notes! When you are crazy stressed out while studying, your friends can help you laugh and stay calm.
  5. Exercise. Exercising is a fantastic way to relax and is one of the best stress relievers. By exercise I don’t mean go and run a marathon! Exercise can be something as simple as going to the mall with friends and walking around, biking, or walking the dog. Next time you are feeling stressed, take a break and get active!

Try just one of these activities for the next two weeks and see how motivated you feel! Have a wonderful week!

– Kaitlyn



Kaitlyn Stolte is a Grade Ten student at CCH. She loves horseback riding and writing poetry. Her favourite thing about CCH is that classes are three hours long.

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