The Athletic Leadership Team of CCH

Football, basketball, volleyball: as a school we are fortunate to have such amazing performances in these sports. You probably have attended one of our many games, dressed in the blue that represents Catholic Central. Did you know that there is a group that helps to organize those games called the Athletic Leadership Team? I won’t accept “no” as an appropriate answer, so read on!

Athletic Leadership makes sure that all our home games run smoothly. You have probably seen us, dressed in Cougar Blue, handling the gate, scorekeeping the games, running the music, and making sure the spirit is in top shape. In short, we’re not far from being the Guardians of the Cougar Spirit.

I joined, or more exactly, was strongly encouraged to join the group in Grade 10. I can still remember Mrs. Perron calling my parents to tell them I will be home late because I had to attend the Athletic Leadership meeting. My first meeting was a bit scary, at least from the point of view of a small Grade 10 student, but I was immediately accepted. Ultimately, it was one of the best decisions I have made at CCH.

Athletic Leadership considers itself a family: always ready to help each other and make certain that everyone has the most fun possible. Our group’s teacher, Mrs. Delbello, is especially keen on this last point. She ensures we don’t overdo it with too much volleyball, gives us daily treats, and is never short of compliments.

Of course, Athletic Leadership isn’t only about the games. Each quarter, we meet to celebrate our accomplishments. We eat pizza, and we earn Cougar clothing based on our number of volunteer hours. Needless to say, it is my favourite time of year, because, well, did I mention we get pizza?

Why should you join Athletic Leadership? Apart from the fact that it is an awesome thing to do, joining Athletic Leadership will give you the opportunity to be in the front seat of every game. Plus, you will be able to get free Cougar wear, which you can design. Finally, it looks great on a resume, whether you are applying for scholarships or your first job (take my advice as a Grade 12 student!)

If this post convinced you to join, come and meet the members of the group, or talk to Mrs. Delbello in the gym or in room 216.

Come to the fun side…we have pizza!

– Quentin


Quentin Golsteyn is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. When he is not working on his latest experiment as an evil scientist, he enjoys biking, playing piano, and programming. His favourite thing about CCH is the incredible school spirit.

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