Quarter One Review

Traditionally, I find that as one progresses through the school year, some comfort is gained in the knowledge that “there’s only three/two/one quarter(s) left.” This year that is not the case. Nay, as I find myself nearing the first substantial landmark in the school year, I fear how I will manage the halfway mark. Not only will it mark the halfway point of year eleven, but of my entire high school career. And that sounds positively dreadful. I can see it now; two endless oceans of high school and all its associated evils stretching out past the horizon on either side of me. Ha! There is no comfort offered there, to be sure.

In case I haven’t made it terribly clear, high school isn’t really my kind of thing. Amidst apocalypse-comparable personal dramas (the likes of which I typically try to avoid) and a longing for Art class next quarter (a solace from the rest of this chaos), the best I can do is hope that next quarter will be slightly better, and continue with my plan to graduate as fast as I can.

And I predict it will be. Fortunately, the only thing preventing me from moving on from the afore-mentioned dramas is myself, so I should be capable of that. I will be in Art next quarter, so you know, that’s nice. There are other positives too, of course! I’ve somehow managed to make a few friends. (I’m fairly certain we’re friends. I’m not used to spending time with people below their mid-twenties so I’m unused to the social characteristics of a typical teenage friendship). We totally went out and did stuff the other day, and it was very pleasant. Also, some of them are in Art with me next quarter, so there’s a positive there.

So this article, perhaps, isn’t the most positive. In fact, the majority of it was me going off about how much things suck, but that’s the thing, isn’t it? Sometimes things do just suck. So what do we do? Well, as I see it, we have two options. We can hold onto that and continue to be disappointed that things didn’t work out better, or accept what life throws at us and move on to our next quarter, whatever that may be. I think we can all apply that to our lives in some way or another.

– Jack


Jack Harvey is a Grade Eleven student at CCH. He enjoys producing amateur films, and occasionally spending time with actual, real-life friends. His favourite thing about CCH is meeting new people.

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