CCH People to Know – Mrs. Diane Delbello

Although the elusive Mrs. Delbello is rarely seen, she is CCH’s biggest cheerleader. She works tirelessly running the Sports Leadership Team and the Athletic Trainers, while teaching both Sports Medicine and Gym Classes.

Mrs. Delbello started her education at Sacred Heart School in Raymond, before moving up to the one and only CCH in Grade Ten. Although the blog team was unable to get any history passed this point, we can assume Mrs. Delbello loved CCH so much she decided to return here after graduating!

Mrs. Delbello’s love of CCH is almost unrivaled. No one can remember how long Mrs. Delbello has been teaching at CCH, but we know she’s been around for a while- she even taught our very own Mrs. Kroker! At any sporting event keep an eye out for Mrs. Delbello, as she’s always rushing around making sure everyone is having a great time and everything is moving without a hitch. She is a critical part of CCH. If CCH had a soul, it would look like Mrs. Delbello. Even though she may be scarcely seen (especially when trying to get an interview from her), her presence is always felt by sports teams and students alike.

Our sources also report that Mrs. Delbello is an excellent line dancer.

On a more personal note, It’s been an honour to know and work for Mrs. Delbello for three years with the Sports Leadership Team. I can write this blog post praising Mrs. Delbello because I know all these wonderful things to be true. I’ve always felt her enthusiasm in every meeting, and her pride at every game. Back when I was in Grade Ten, she helped me get my footing at Catholic Central by inviting me to join the Sports Leadership team. That team helped a tiny Grade Ten find her confidence, and I have Mrs. Delbello to thank for that.

I’m not over exaggerating a single word I write. Mrs. Delbello is humble, and would never admit to any of this, but I’m here to tell you that she truly embodies the soul of CCH, and she has truly made this school a better place.

– Kyra


Kyra Nicolacoupolos is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. She enjoys reading, writing, and petting small animals. Her favourite thing about CCH is being a member of Student Council.

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