What’s New at CCH

Being a Grade 10 student I must admit that pretty much everything is new to me this year, but for those of you that are interested in finding out what’s changed here at CCH, I suggest you keep reading.

I’ll start by mentioning some of the great new staff we have with us this year. There’s Mr. Cox who teaches English; Mr. Gilbert has Hockey Academy and Phys. Ed. along with a little bit of Social Studies; Ms. Nordlee is a new, friendly face in Trinity Learning Centre and Mr. Goruk has officially joined the Science department. And last, but not least, Mr. Dalton teaches French. (I would also like to note that if you ever need help with your Chemistry homework, Mr. Dalton’s got your back.)

Extracurricular activities are plentiful here at CCH. There is something for everyone. If you are interested in the performing arts, you might want to take part in the recently added Fine-Arts academy or Dance Club, and don’t forget the school choir or musical theater for you aspiring actors. Keep an ear open for the announcement for this year’s show. Also, Student Council is always looking for enthusiastic members to join the team.

Although these programs aren’t “new”, they could be new to you! If athletics are more your thing, then you will be happy to know that CCH offers an abundance of sports programs: Baseball, Golf, Volleyball, Badminton, Cross-country, Slow-Pitch, Basketball, Curling, Track and Field, and Football.

This year, CCH has also introduced a Science and Inquiry course that focuses on problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking and independence within the domain of science. This course is offered on Campus West due to its modern facilities designed for collaboration.

If you get a chance, you might want check out the amazing travel opportunities planned for this year: New York, France and Japan! I think I should start saving…

I hope you are excited about what’s new at CCH.


Chloe Devoy is a Grade Ten student at CCH. She enjoys skating, running, and reading. Her favourite thing about CCH is Flex time.

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