Dear Class of 2015

Wow! We made it this far. Grade twelve – the last year of high school. I bet you’re thinking right now that it will drag on forever like it usually does. Or maybe that this year will cause more stress than any other. Perhaps you’re panicking trying to think of something to do when you leave high school. Or you might have your life planned out for you, and you know what your future goals are.

However, I really want to focus on much more than that. While focusing on school is important in our final year, so is everything else. I have been told countless times that high school doesn’t last forever and you probably won’t see most of the people after you graduate. Friendships will fade and so will the memories of that one test you might have not done so well on. I wish more than anything I could keep my friends and we would live together, go for walks, and drink tea at cute little coffee shops.

What I want all of us to do is make our year memorable. I want to focus on fun with our friends and being a part of the school community. I want so many things for this year because, when you think about it, there isn’t much time left. We have so much to focus on and this is one of the biggest transitions we will ever make. Months from now, we are going to have to make huge decisions that will affect what we do with our lives. As much as I would like to think I can do nothing but write stories and look at pictures of cats on the internet all day, I can’t.

So, if you’re stressed out or worried, just try to make this year a good one. Now’s the time to do something you’ve wanted to do forever and just haven’t really tried. Join a club or a team, or put forth extra effort in a class you might not really enjoy. I assure you you’ll be happy you did when you see the results.

To the Class of 2015, this is our year and we have to make the most of it. Soon we will all go our separate ways and years from now, I want us to look back on our high school experiences and remember that they were good ones. You’ll forget all the drama and things that don’t really matter, and remember the good moments. We have a whole year to go yet, so let’s make the days count.

Wishing you all the very best throughout your final year here at CCH.

– Nicole


Nicole Anton is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. She enjoys writing novels and spending way too much time on the internet. Her favourite thing about CCH is English class.

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One response to “Dear Class of 2015

  1. Joanne Polec

    Time goes by WAY too fast as it feels like just yesterday we were welcoming you all as grade 10 students. Great blog post Nicole! Have a fabulous year!


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