Goodbye to CCH

Cougars with Quills had a great first year! Instrumental to our success was the leadership and talent of our Grade Twelve bloggers. Below is their last post…

I wish to say thank you to all my fellow students, teachers, and everyone else who has supported me through my three years at CCH. The skills I’ve learned and the people I’ve met will be invaluable my entire life and I am proud of my choice to attend CCH for high school. For the entire Grade Twelve graduating class, even though we go our own ways after this summer, we will always belong to the CCH community. It is this community and its atmosphere that I will always miss after I leave. Thank you CCH.

– Jules

(It’s been a slice Jules. Sorry we couldn’t swing that relationship advice column.)

For the past three years, CCH really has been a home to me. I can remember in Grade 10, thinking that I was just going to get through high school, and not really get involved. Boy, what a joke that turned out to be. In all honesty, though, I am so glad that things turned out the way that they did. All my hours put into the school really gave me the opportunity to make great friends, and great memories, and these are things that I will hold onto and cherish for the rest of my life. Here’s to all  my teachers, all my peers, all my friends: you were the ones who made it worthwhile. So long, farewell CCH, it’s been a slice.

– Baylee

(Thank you for your professionalism and humble maturity Baylee. You were a great ambassador for the blog.)

Unlike my fellow Grade 12 compatriots, I am technically not leaving! Though I will be continuing my studies overseas, in Japan (Grade 11 here I come), I will remain registered for a Grade 13 at CCH. So, while I will be leaving, I will be staying, too.

While this past year has been my greatest of the three, I have spilled a lot of tears and yelled some questionable things as a result of classes, teachers, students, etc., I am overjoyed to be leaving, to finally jump away from high school (sort of) and all of its absurdity and stress. At the same time, there are so many whom I will miss dearly, subjects and spaces that I will most certainly feel bereft without. So, I’m not sure whether this is a sorrowful goodbye, or a watch-my-squealing-tires-kick-up-dust-as-I-dash-into-a-better-future kind of goodbye. I think I will liken it instead to baking chocolate, to pander to my love of awful metaphors. On its own, I wouldn’t really enjoy eating it. However, when shaved and sprinkled on half-baked brownies, making them moist and chewy and all things good, I find that there is nothing better. My high school experience has been much the same – too sweet if I only looked at the good, picture-perfect and directed for pre-teens late-afternoon TV specials, and if I only remembered the bad, I would probably decide to become a hermit, having lost all my faith in humanity.

So together, I do believe that I have spent a rather fulfilling few years of high school. My only regret is now knowing that I could have made the first two years so much better, so much more enjoyed. High school will not be great for you on its own – I believe that for it truly to be something that you look back on fondly, to be “some of the best years of our lives”, you have to set out with the intention to make it so. To lovingly quote my loving grandfather, “Who decides?”

Farewell CCH!

– Kima

(Good luck in Japan, Kima! Keep writing, and please continue to visit the blog from afar.)

There you have it folks -some of the most talented, intelligent, kind student leaders of CCH – and I had the distinct privilege to work with them this year. Please join me in thanking them for their wonderful insights and the hard work they put into this blog.

– Mrs. Hartman

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  1. Joanne Polec

    Thank you Jules, Baylee and Kima! Good luck to all of you and remember that you are always welcome back for a visit 🙂


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