A Grade Eleven’s Perspective on Grad

Graduation, for some people, means freedom from school and the dread of being in a classroom all day. But from me (a Grade Eleven student) that’s not all I worry about. I sometimes fear the freedom of being let out to do anything I want, pursuing whatever I desire, with no Math homework or English essays to complete.

I’ve heard about banquets and ceremonies that take hours out of your day and some people complain about them having to sit for so long. Yet, when I think about it, it’s your Grade Twelve graduation and you’re never going to be able to do it again. The Grand March is one of the many things that comes to mind for a Grade Eleven student. It’s all about the dress for the girls. What on earth am I going to wear? What colour will it be? What do I want it to look like? These are all good concerns but what I focus on when I hear the word “graduation”, are my school grades.

This is what you get out of high school and what moves you into postsecondary school. Right now, doing well in school concerns me more than Grad week. I can worry about dresses in the summer or next year, but right now, I feel the most important thing I can do to prepare for next year is to focus on the academic aspect of graduation.

I am very lucky to have a wonderful cousin who is only one year older than me. I can ask her anything I want and she will answer the best she can. Yet even with some knowledge about what is going to happen to me next year, I can’t help but think of the worst sometimes, and that is a pretty awful thing to do to yourself. If anyone out there is worried over graduation next year (or two years if you’re in Grade ten), I wouldn’t worry about the details. Graduation is an exciting time in your life; it is a huge step. But believe in myself, that you’ll be able to handle it, and if you’re having any doubts, we have wonderful counsellors who will help you in any way they can.

Congratulations to this year’s graduating students. Keep your heads about you.

And if Grad is still a year or two away for you, I wish you all the best in the rest of your high school days.

– Nicole


Nicole Anton is a Grade Eleven student at CCH. She enjoys writing novels, English class, and cooking. Her favourite thing about CCH is that there are always great activities going on.

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