What Sets Us Apart – Easter Edition

What sets CCH apart?

When posed, this question can spark a variety of answers ranging anywhere from our sports programs to our academics to our timetable. But really, we have to look no further than our name.

Catholic. Central. High School. 

Now, let’s remove the “High School” part for a second. It doesn’t really set us apart; in fact, several schools in Lethbridge have that part included in their names.

So we’re left with two words: Catholic, and Central.

Let’s look at the first word: Catholic. This means that in this coming season of Easter, we’ll be celebrating more than chocolates and bunnies. We’ll be marking this most important season with crosses, prayers, and multiples Masses.

(It also means that by this point we’re also thanking God that exam season is over…for now.)

Looking around either campus, you will find chapels, posters, and crosses, wherever they’re needed. They’ve been placed there to remind you to exhale and take a break when possible. We have Religion classes, to remind us that life is bigger than what’s happening at the moment. We pray in the mornings, to lighten up the day ahead, and to find strength for any struggles that might present themselves.

But more than that, we find support in the fact that were are one body in Christ, and in CCH.

Which leads us to the second part of our name: Central.

We are one. One family, one community, and one body working together towards whatever we desire to accomplish. But don’t take my word on it. Look around, and you’ll see our accomplishments covering the walls like paint. Take a moment and realize that in some way, somehow, you were a part of these. You helped our family grow.

Our faith is what sets us apart at Catholic Central. Not just our faith in God, but our faith in each other.

Our faith is that we can do great things together.



Kyra Nicolacoupolos is a Grade Eleven student at CCH. She enjoys reading, writing, and British television shows. Her favourite thing about CCH is all of the co-curricular clubs.


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2 responses to “What Sets Us Apart – Easter Edition

  1. Great post on your blog. As a parent I am sometimes asked about why I send my children to CCH. Your comments are a deep part of that but if I had to comment in a 30 second sound bite it would be Innovation – quarter system and dual campus and Excellence – the teachers care about my children and work hard to help them learn.

  2. Carol koran

    Beautifully said Kyra. Thank you.


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