CCH Coffee House

I think we can all agree that CCH is home to some very unique artistic talent. Now, if only there were some sort of event to showcase all the art the school produces…and that’s where Student Council steps in to organize the 2014 CCH Coffee House.

The Coffee House will be hosted on Friday, May 23rd at 1:00pm in The Eggplant. Students from all grade levels will perform musically, some in small groups and others solo. As well, this year it’s being opened up to the Art and Drama students with pieces being put up in and around The Eggplant, and perhaps even a skit presented by Mrs. Mitchell’s Quarter Four Drama Class. As well, because it is a Coffee House, coffee, cookies, and hot chocolate will be sold. I’m not entirely sure where the ‘house’ part comes in though…

So, why should you attend? Well, it’s a great way to support the artistic endeavours of some of your fellow students, and if that’s not good enough (in which case, for shame) donations of school supplies will be accepted to support our school in the Philippines. Everyone is encouraged to attend, and for those wishing to become involved, posters and registration sheets will be available soon.

So, whether you’ll be performing or not, it’s a great way to get out and see what CCH can do, and is a great event that keeps coming back year after year. Even some alumni will be making appearances. I hope to see you there!

Yes, you.

– Jack


Jack Harvey is s Grade Ten student at CCH. He enjoys triathlons, making films, and evidently writing blog posts. HIs favourite thing about CCH is himself.

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