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What (Some of) The Bloggers Were Doing Over Easter Break


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During Easter break, we had a wonderful meal with our families. I had plenty of free time to work on my novel, relax, and do some Math homework, as well as spend some time talking to friends. It hasn’t been a busy week but I haven’t run out of things to do! I spent time with my younger cousins and watched them look for hidden eggs while they told me how excited they were when they saw that the Easter Bunny had come. Watching movies with my family or sleeping in much later that I should be made for a really great Easter break. But, everything must come to an end, as week has been more than enough time off for me. I’m excited to get back and see all the wonderful things happening at CCH.

Hope you all had a wonderful and Happy Easter!

– Nicole



What else is there to do but work? And I don’t mean school work – not that there wasn’t some of that too – but I spend my Easter break answering phones and frolicking in plaster dust. Well, maybe not frolicking, but the end result of being covered in white was just about the same. What with my father off to Rome for two weeks and housesitting for a couple on the West side for the same amount of time, I’ve been busy back and forth, eating special ordered brioche from Klassy’s (go French bread!) and getting some reading and writing in while possible. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of classes, and wait, hey, HEY WHAT’S WITH THIS SNOW???

– Kima



I had a thrilling Easter holiday filled with work, spring cleaning, and re-arranging my room. I did get a lot of things I needed done, done, though, so it’s not so bad. I got to catch up on my TV shows and movies, and even snuck in an actual book. All in all, it was a much-needed break, and it was very nice to relax.

– Baylee



I spent one week in the beautiful Rose Hall region of Montego Bay, Jamaica. While there I swam, played volleyball, went scuba diving, walked on the beach, and ate a ton, of course! The weather was a great change (and over thirty degrees warmer) from Lethbridge. I particularly enjoyed the beach and the view it offered early in the morning. Of course getting there and back was half the excitement as on the way there I flew through Toronto and on the way back, Ottawa; both offered amazing photo opportunities and things to see en route. I may have just gotten back, but I can’t wait for another vacation!

– Jules



This is the only selfie I took. In a hotel room. And I was pooped out. This Easter break we traveled up to the big ol’ metropolis of Grande Prairie to spend a few quiet days with my in-laws. Unfortunately, I worked a lot of the time and so it wasn’t as “quiet” as I would have liked. Nonetheless, the Easter Triduum was as beautiful as always and I am SO ready for Spring.

– Mrs. Hartman

We hope you had a lovely Easter break. There are only two months of school left!

– CCH Bloggers

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CCH People to Know – Mr. Perron

This month’s CCH’s Person to Know introduces you to Mr. Perron. It’s always interesting to learn the background of someone you may have had as a teacher or you see every day at school. Their story may surprise you. Mr. Perron’s definitely surprised me because I had no idea of the many things he has done in the past. Mr. Perron has been teaching at Catholic Central High School for ten years and is involved in many aspects of the school such as academics, athletics, and community.

Mr. Perron was born and grew up in southern Manitoba before he moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where he lived for ten years. He has now lived in Lethbridge for another decade. He has a shih tzu named Leo and a chocolate lab named Mocha. He is married and his wife works at Ecole St. Mary’s in French Kindergarten. The kids start school with her, and graduate with him, as he puts it. He enjoys sports, watching his beloved Winnipeg Jets and Blue Bombers, as well as the Toronto Raptors. He also runs marathons and half marathons. He has three degrees: history, agriculture and education.

Many students leaving high school and entering postsecondary are worried they will be limited to only one career choice after graduation. Mr. Perron proves that this is not true. Before becoming a teacher, he had worked as a research associate at the University of Manitoba, helped at his brother’s you-pick strawberry and vegetable farm, drove semi-trucks and handicap buses, and also worked at the Royal Canadian Mint. After seeing and doing so many different things, I asked him why he chose to become a teacher. He said he loves working with others and he especially enjoys the environment of CCH. He finds all the other staff members and students give off good vibes because everyone seems to enjoy the school. This positive energy makes being a teacher even much more rewarding.

At Catholic Central High School Mr. Perron is involved with many activities. In the Athletics department, he is a coach for both cross-country running in the fall, and track and field in the spring. He is the coordinator of the inter-high school blood drive in which CCH tied in first with Chinook High School. He is the only French teacher in the school and teaches French as a Second Language (FSL) as well as all the French Immersion classes of French Language Arts, CALM, Religious Studies, and Info Pro. As the French teacher, he also plans the school trip to France which occurs every three years. It is occurring next year and is open to anyone, whether they are in FSL, French Immersion, or neither!

I asked him what he would like to see at CCH and he said he would like to see CCH take a bigger step into becoming more environmentally friendly. He would like it if there was an environmental club or a better recycling program. The school could plant more vegetation and run a composting program like some other schools in Calgary have begun.

Finally, I asked what he looks forward to and his response was his holiday home in Saskatchewan. It is a former school and he really enjoys the renovation work. He especially enjoys planting trees and other plans outside and preparing the yard so that when he retires and moves in, the plants will be mature by then and producing fruits and vegetables that he can pick, much like he used to do while working on his brother’s farm.

It was an excellent opportunity to interview Mr. Perron and get to learn more about him. Hopefully after reading this, you have learned a thing or two you didn’t know about him either!

– Jules


Jules Pankoski is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. He enjoys flying, music, and travelling. His favourite thing about CCH is the two campuses.

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What Sets Us Apart – Easter Edition

What sets CCH apart?

When posed, this question can spark a variety of answers ranging anywhere from our sports programs to our academics to our timetable. But really, we have to look no further than our name.

Catholic. Central. High School. 

Now, let’s remove the “High School” part for a second. It doesn’t really set us apart; in fact, several schools in Lethbridge have that part included in their names.

So we’re left with two words: Catholic, and Central.

Let’s look at the first word: Catholic. This means that in this coming season of Easter, we’ll be celebrating more than chocolates and bunnies. We’ll be marking this most important season with crosses, prayers, and multiples Masses.

(It also means that by this point we’re also thanking God that exam season is over…for now.)

Looking around either campus, you will find chapels, posters, and crosses, wherever they’re needed. They’ve been placed there to remind you to exhale and take a break when possible. We have Religion classes, to remind us that life is bigger than what’s happening at the moment. We pray in the mornings, to lighten up the day ahead, and to find strength for any struggles that might present themselves.

But more than that, we find support in the fact that were are one body in Christ, and in CCH.

Which leads us to the second part of our name: Central.

We are one. One family, one community, and one body working together towards whatever we desire to accomplish. But don’t take my word on it. Look around, and you’ll see our accomplishments covering the walls like paint. Take a moment and realize that in some way, somehow, you were a part of these. You helped our family grow.

Our faith is what sets us apart at Catholic Central. Not just our faith in God, but our faith in each other.

Our faith is that we can do great things together.



Kyra Nicolacoupolos is a Grade Eleven student at CCH. She enjoys reading, writing, and British television shows. Her favourite thing about CCH is all of the co-curricular clubs.


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CCH Coffee House

I think we can all agree that CCH is home to some very unique artistic talent. Now, if only there were some sort of event to showcase all the art the school produces…and that’s where Student Council steps in to organize the 2014 CCH Coffee House.

The Coffee House will be hosted on Friday, May 23rd at 1:00pm in The Eggplant. Students from all grade levels will perform musically, some in small groups and others solo. As well, this year it’s being opened up to the Art and Drama students with pieces being put up in and around The Eggplant, and perhaps even a skit presented by Mrs. Mitchell’s Quarter Four Drama Class. As well, because it is a Coffee House, coffee, cookies, and hot chocolate will be sold. I’m not entirely sure where the ‘house’ part comes in though…

So, why should you attend? Well, it’s a great way to support the artistic endeavours of some of your fellow students, and if that’s not good enough (in which case, for shame) donations of school supplies will be accepted to support our school in the Philippines. Everyone is encouraged to attend, and for those wishing to become involved, posters and registration sheets will be available soon.

So, whether you’ll be performing or not, it’s a great way to get out and see what CCH can do, and is a great event that keeps coming back year after year. Even some alumni will be making appearances. I hope to see you there!

Yes, you.

– Jack


Jack Harvey is s Grade Ten student at CCH. He enjoys triathlons, making films, and evidently writing blog posts. HIs favourite thing about CCH is himself.

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