Fun Facts About CCH #1

CCH has been around for a long time, and with any establishment that has a rich history (like our school), there are bound to be tall tales seasoned with infamous characters and delicious secrets.

For this first instalment of “Fun Facts About CCH”, three of our bloggers went sleuthing for surprising tidbits of info – the kind of info that most students don’t know about their school – and we are sharing them with you!

Baylee: Everyone loves a good ghost story. That’s why for my fun fact of CCH I went digging into the undead territory. Legend has it that in unexplained and possibly entirely fictional explosion in the Chem lab, the ghost of a Mr. Kireef lived on to haunt Campus East. Only, the rest of him went to live on, too. So I guess it’s up to you if you want to buy into the haunting of our school.

Kyra: If you know Mrs. Koran, you probably know that she’s a jill of many trades. But, did you know that she’s also the first female principal of CCH? Previously, all of our former principals have been male.

Adam: It is said that deep beneath the hallowed halls of CCH, there exists a legendary basement, filled to the brim with mysterious machinery and unexplained noises. Though many an adventurous student throughout the ages has attempted to gain entrance, none have succeeded. Rumours of an sen more baffling domain exist, in the form of a tunnel that joins the underground level of two schools. What price could the entrance to this enigmatic dungeon be, besides one’s very soul? Well, you could just join Drama class.

What other fun facts are lurking beneath the surface of CCH? Stay tuned for another “Fun Facts About CCH” post in June.

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