CCH People to Know – Kim and Jocelyn

In a day and age when teens feel even more restricted by the little amount of free time they have, and are told “these may be the best years of their lives”, it is great to see students giving back to their school community and taking the opportunity to fulfill leadership roles. Two such individuals at our school are the co-presidents, Kim and Jocelyn and it was my pleasure recently to sit down with them and gain some insights about these two leaders.

Recently, events in the Philippines left many individuals struggling to survive and wondering where to turn to for help. Although a long way from our Lethbridge school campus, Kim and Jocelyn decided to host a bake sale to raise funds and awareness for the plight of the people of the Philippines. This event, our leaders both felt, “brought our school council together and recognized the needs of families connected to the CCHS community”. Similar events as well also left Kim and Jocelyn feeling like the group grew closer and provided opportunities for team building. At one such event, when the council was working at the soup kitchen, it became obvious that the event was mutually rewarding as the students took away a great deal from the experience, as well as giving back to the community.

Taking over the role as student leaders this year has also offered Kim and Jocelyn the opportunity to put their personal stamp on the CCHS Students’ Council. For them, it was important to balance and distribute leadership amongst the group and in their view, create more of a “traditional students’ council”. Thankfully, these two are able to draw upon the strengths of previous councils and yet fine tune the group to suit the needs of this year’s students and school community. It did become apparent during the interview that, although these two are quite busy, they take the time to hear from CCHS students over a caffeinated beverage from one of our local businesses.

Acting as co-presidents this year also has an added bonus for this team, as both feel a need to be hands-on and oversee a variety of activities and yet keep up with their academically packed schedules. For them, that means “if I can’t be at an event, hopefully the other president can and we can share what needs to be accomplished”. Both, interestingly, felt that this type of leadership many not work for all future councils as they see themselves as very lucky that their styles of leadership don’t match, but are complimentary. It also probably doesn’t hurt that these two have been involved in leadership roles together since Grade Nine, thus giving them a clear understanding of where they stand and where they are headed.

Kim and Jocelyn have been happy to see how this year’s council has gelled together and bonded. Certainly it came quite naturally for them but as the group spent more time together it was nice to see how others found their place as well and formed a tight knit group. In fact, the two remember during the bake sale how any concern over any awkwardness or tension quickly vanished and they knew they had a solid team to work with.

Many often talk about the old adage that “laughter is the best medicine” but for this pair keeping a sense of humour and making the Students’ Council experience a positive one is front and centre. Kim and Jocelyn truly do model that leadership that can both properly manage events and yet provide a sense of belonging and identity for students at CCHS. This year we are pleased that they have stepped up to take on these leadership roles and know that they have really helped enhance the CCHS experience for us all.

– Adam



Adam is a Grade Eleven student at CCH. He enjoys vigorous reading, staying up too late, and long naps. His favourite thing about CCH is all the amazing staff and students.

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