School Hacking #5 – Using Tech To Get Ahead

We all know technology has evolved in new and interesting ways (Instagram, Snapchat, oh boy!) and it has changed the way we learn. With all this fancy schmancy new stuff, it can be pretty crazy to know what works and what doesn’t. So, without further ado, here are some tech tips that can help you get ahead.

1. Google Drive is your friend.

For all the people who may have had some beef with Google and all things related in the past, STOP. Just, stop. You are actually hurting yourself by not using this awesome free (the magic word) resource. I find myself constantly emailing myself back and forth with every updated version of a project I’m working on. Eventually, your inbox gets full and your computer gets angry at you for using so much space. Google Drive can hold almost any file, as the storage space on it is massive. And it comes with handy features like Gmail and Google Play (what is this even?), so it is a great way to access a variety of tools.

2. Kanblan Flow is out of beta (and why you should care)

Do you ever have those awkward group work projects where nobody is really willing to collaborate or communicate? Well, let me introduce you to the Kanban Flow Board. One of my friends showed it to me during a particularly lengthy group project, and it turned out to be very helpful. It’s free to make an account and use it, which is always something nice. It works a little like Google Drive, where everyone in your group can access it and make changes in real time. Once you set up the name of the project, just add your group members, set their jobs, and you’re ready to go. If you want to know where to find it, click on this link:

3. Type out your notes

This one is pretty simple, but if you want to create easy to read notes, the best course of action is usually to type them out and print them off (if you want). Even if you have beautiful writing (or unintelligible scribbles, like me) you can add things like charts, diagrams or even colour code it with ease.

4. Take a picture of your homework

Another simple tip is very fast and effective. This one is more along the lines of stopping yourself from forgetting something important. It could be the assignment rubric, or even a page of math problems. If you can look at it, you can see what you need.

Do you have any other suggestions? Or, great apps that help you stay organized, focused, or keeps your studying streamlined? Please share in the comments below!

– Adam


Adam Kobza is a Grade Eleven student at CCH. He enjoys vigorous reading, staying up too late, and long naps. His favourite things about CCH is all the amazing staff and students. 


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2 responses to “School Hacking #5 – Using Tech To Get Ahead

  1. Coonaynay

    A legendary blog, by a legendary blogger

  2. Adam

    Thanks Brendan. Good to see some of our more flamboyant students at CCH taking notice of the blog.


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