What The Bloggers Were Doing Over Christmas Break

avery selfie

Avery: I was quite busy over the Christmas break! First, I went up to Canmore to visit my extended family and cousins. Then I was greeted by my Auntie and Uncle who were back from visiting Thailand. We went and saw The Hobbit (which was fantastic) and Frozen (which was freaking AMAZING)! Then, during the last week, I went to visit my other family in Edmonton. In terms of presents, I was greeted with lots of money and socks, but no complaining! I was able to buy myself a inexpensive, high quality gaming headset.

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Nicole: The last week of school, I was sick. I didn’t really get to do much; most of my holiday mainly consisted of doing homework and getting caught up. Although, we did have a nice dinner with our cousins on Christmas Day as well as Boxing Day. I spent most of the time reading my novel for English and watching some of my younger cousins. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to my cousin who moved to Toronto this past year. Christmas morning with my family was very nice. We sat and opened a few gifts and everything I received was much more than I asked for. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed your break!

(Clearly, Nicole NEEDED to get a new camera/phone for Christmas; unfortunately, there wasn’t one under the tree.)


Baylee: It’s going to sound really lame and boring, but I had a super chill break. I got to spend some time with my family, I read a book or two, and my sister and I played LOTR Lego on the Xbox. I only had to work a bit, too, so all in all, it was just really nice, really relaxing, and a much needed break.


Kyra: Over Christmas break, I did a lot. From the frantic, last-minute Christmas shopping to the frantic, last-minute homework I procrastinated on, it has been a real adventure. Of course, I still slept until noon, but once I got up, I had a lot to look forward to. (Most of the time, it was Netflix.) But, every once in awhile I’d leave my dark hobbit-hole (as my Mom refers to it), and get out. I drove a car (which is a big accomplishment for me – I’m scared to death of driving), tried out a new restaurant with some friends, went to the theatre a couple of times, and hit off the New Year with my family. Overall, it was awesome. I hope yours was, too.


Victoria: I ate four Christmas dinners. And then turkey soup, sandwiches, and all manner of other creative combinations of the bird for the remaining week of 2013. It was awesome! Seeing different family that has been absent for a while was pretty cool, too. Since everyone came down to Lethbridge this year, the underbelly of our tree overflowed into the surrounding area, which is not as impressive to one who has many siblings, but for an only child, it was shocking. Pleasantly so, of course. There’s my Christmas! Heaps of food, heaps of presents, heaps of family.

(Perhaps Victoria is also under that tree, but we can’t find her.)

Jack's family

Jack: Feeling chilly? Cold? Other synonyms? I’m not, as I’m too busy being in Australia visiting family and riding places. After a gruelling twenty-one hours of airplane and airport time, I stayed with my grandma who lives north of Sydney and at a magical place called the Entrance. I visited a lot of family I haven’t seen in years, rode up to Newcastle (where I was born), rode back, rode to Sydney, rode back, and have now accumulated approximately 300 kms of travel by bike. Now, I’m done doing that, and the bikes have been returned to the rental place. I’m staying at my sister Averie’s place, who is a fancshy smancshy photographer, and has cameras considerably larger than mine, which makes me feel insecure. I hope everyone else has had a safe and happy Christmas break, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the other bloggers have been up to.

(Well, Jack, the holidays were great until we saw your post. And now, we are insanely jealous. Just kidding – we’re happy for you! Say ‘hi’ to Jack’s family, everyone. Hi, Jack’s family!)


Kima:  Dear CCHers who are hopefully full and content,

Apart from spending some entertaining times with my family on Christmas Eve and ‘morn as well as New Year’s (Oh, how I love playing Santa, stuffing stockings and giggling maniacally as I place presents. No one can tell me that it isn’t awesomely diabolical to feed the imaginations of children, in completely harmless manners, of course), I managed to have a few Skyping sessions with my grandparents and Aunt and Uncle and their brood from Kenya, who are all enjoying an awesome vacation in England. I, myself, have spent much of this break sleeping, eating myself silly with some awesome desserts and other delectable things, as well as picking away at homework, like all us good kids SHOULD have done. However, ‘should’ is such a malleable word; at least, my cooperation with it has been. Besides that, there has been much rearranging and upholstering and painting in my household, and I am enjoying playing the decorative empress, as I seem to be trying to convince my parents that I am the only one in this trio not suffering from colour blindness (and, yes, the living room WOULD look awesome red, right?) Much skating and shovelling of the walks also ensued, and I also managed to succumb to the daring of my loving family, apparently. (See: me in suitcase.) I hope everyone else’s Christmas break was as chock full of rotund shenanigans and just as satisfying as mine was. See you all back in class!


Someone who’s actually REALLY happy to be going back to school

(Red living room? Crawling in a suitcase? Happy to go back to school?…Did you also bump your head, Kima?)


Adam: Although I didn’t do a lot, the most interesting thing I did during the break was discovering the joys of man-shopping. My brother and I aimlessly wandered the mall, drifting from store to store in search of gifts. The most amazing part, you might ask? The refreshing way a guy can walk into a store, find something, buy it and walk out. No fuss, no hassle, and especially no spending two hours comparing prices at other stores. After a lifetime of shopping with women previously, it was miraculous to find a method of shopping that wasn’t painful. Frankly, it was really nice just to get a break from the stress and deadlines of school.

(We’re glad you found a Christmas miracle with your shopping. Oh, and by the way…I really loved my nose hair trimmer. #sarcasm #gobacktoshoppingwithwomen)

Jules: (Has anyone seen Jules? I hope he had a [*gulp*] safe holiday break…)


Mrs. Hartman: On the Saturday after classes officially ended, we WERE OUTTA HERE!! Hubby and I threw the kids in the truck and drove to Canmore for a Hartman get-together. (My bro-in-law just bought a condo there.) The Hartmans are a big crew, so our annual Chinese gift exchange is always loud and nutty, but a great time. We also took the kids snow-tubing at Mount Norquay in Banff. THAT was a good time. (That’s Grace and me in the mountains.) There’s nothing like the mountains to bring instant relaxation. We were back in Lethbridge by the 23rd and stayed here for the rest of the break, eating a lot and playing a lot of games, especially with my world-traveling sister and brother-in-law. I indulged in a lot of reading and sleeping. These are a few of my favourite things. Overall, it was quiet, and that’s the kind of holiday I love.

From all of us at Cougars With Quills, we sincerely hope you and your loved ones had a fantastic break. Here’s to relaxing and reenergizing to finish Quarter two strong!

And if you find Jules, can you let us know if he’s OK? 

– the CCH Bloggers


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4 responses to “What The Bloggers Were Doing Over Christmas Break

  1. Greg Miller

    Love it, love it, love it. It is so good to see all the amazing writing taking place at CCH this year. You students are amazing. CCH is known for its sports, fine arts, social justice, and now for its writers also. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work. I might have even noticed a former student or two.

  2. Thanks very much for your support Greg!

  3. L.Mitchell

    It was a pleasure to read such witty and sincere reflections on your Christmas experiences Cougers with Quills. I loved the little comments after each post – very fun. I think I saw Jules in the Caf today!

  4. CCH Bloggers

    Phew! Thanks! We’re so glad to know that Jules is alive and well.


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