What Sets Us Apart – Advent Edition

CCH truly is a school unlike any other. Not only do we have incredible sports programs, or our phenomenal Fine Arts department, or the ingenious quarter system, but we have something that is right within our name. Catholic Central, right? It sounds pretty cheesy and lame, I know, but the faith community at CCH is a pretty sweet thing. I believe that as human beings, most of us find comfort in being a part of a collective. Our faith is really there to support us in everything we do. I mean, think about it, we pray before class, we pray before our shows, games, before our tests. It’s a stronghold in everything we do, and it’s a huge part of who we are, as a school, as people.

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It’s important to remember this. It’s hard, and especially at this time of year, to always keep in mind who we are, and what our beliefs are. This doesn’t just go for Catholicism, either. This stands for, individually, the good we believe in. At CCH, I think that even more important than our religion is our focus on being good people. I hope more than anything that that attitude comes through. I think that it does. Just in our last week of school before Christmas break, we had the massive Santa’s Anonymous project wrap up, and we had bake sales for relief efforts in the Philippines. Every quarter we have Grade Twelves go out and give back to the community in our Faith in Action program. This, my friends, is really something to be proud of. This is what sets us apart more than anything: our focus on others and our commitment to strive to be the best people that we can be.

Keep this in mind and carry it with you. It’s a legacy that should live on.

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Have a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

– Baylee


Baylee Chilton is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. She enjoys copious amounts of television, novels, and terrible old indie music. Her favourite thing about CCH is the library at Campus East.


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