School Hacking #4 – How To Not To Lose Your Brain Over Christmas Break

Everyone knows that feeling – that one where you’ve been going to school nearly every day for an extended period of time and you just don’t wanna no more. I usually get that feeling about halfway through December. This year’s going to hit us hard, I think, with all the snow and all. But we must persevere! We must focus! After chanting this mantra constantly through the last week of school before Christmas holidays, I’d dare to say that most of us will give up entirely for the duration of the break. I admit that I do this. Homework becomes another swear word when faced with the prospect of Christmas baking, cards with family, or even just quality time in front of the telly. But, alas, this cannot be so. Paying no mind to school work throughout the Christmas break lends itself to failed tests, missed projects, and forgetting absolutely everything learned in the first 2/3 of the quarter. (There you go, Mr. Miller. I used fractions.)

To help all the innocent children out there falling into this trap, we at Cougars With Quills decided to write this week’s blog post about “how to not lose one’s brain over Christmas break”. Or, alternately, how not to be like me.

  1. Actually do the homework assigned. I usually skim and do the bare minimum without thinking about it. This is bad. Don’t be me.
  2. Space out this homework through the entirety of the break. Don’t just do it all in one marathon sitting. This makes it easier to remember what you’ve done, and, more importantly, remember how to do it properly, especially if Math is one of this quarter’s classes.
  3. Think about what’s going on around you. Relate all those Christmas shenanigans to what you’re learning in class, if English and Social are the classes you’re taking.
  4. Do things. Get out. Be active. (But only if The Weather Network says it’s okay. Not like, -40 with the windchill kind of day, where your skin can freeze in a matter of minutes.) It’s been proven by someone or other that physical activity is a good way to keep the brain sharp.
  5. Spend some time with yourself. The Christmas season, as we all know, can be very, very hectic. This can incubate stress, which helps absolutely nobody. These blessed two weeks we are given to be away from school should be used to recharge so we can all feel rested and ready for the final bit of classes before finals. If we spend too much time doing things, rather than being calm, we don’t have the change to calm ourselves and be ready fer learnin’.

Using these five tips, we might be able to avoid the dreaded Christmas brain. If anyone has any other ideas you should throw them in the comments! It’s no use to anybody to keep those golden nuggets of information to yourself.

– Victoria (approximately myself)


Victoria Robb is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. She enjoys poetry, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick. Her favourite thing about CCH is the deep fried happiness for sale every day in the cafeteria.


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2 responses to “School Hacking #4 – How To Not To Lose Your Brain Over Christmas Break

  1. Joanne Polec

    How about: #6. Work on creating a commonplace book?
    Wonderful words of wisdom Victoria!

  2. Carol koran

    Watch sappy Christmas movies and relate them all to Death of a Salesman. E.g. Biff’s heart grew two sizes that day!


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