Christmas Spirit at CCH

As you are no doubt aware, Christmas is coming right around the corner, and all around the school, people are adding to the Christmas hype. HYPE! Everybody from the librarian to that kid in class you haven’t talked to before is secretly excited for Christmas. And why not? It’s fun! Except for the snow on the ground, but whatever. So, what kind of things have been going on at CCH to get us more hyped up for the holidays?

Well, Student Council has been decorating the school. Snowflakes and red and green colours everywhere. And, you may have seen the Christmas tree in the library at Campus East! Every school needs one of those. And as you know, the Santa’s Anonymous fundraiser has been going on in each class. And remember, the class that donates the most money not only gets a pizza party, but they also get the comfy spots at the Advent celebration. Be sure to keep spreading good cheer and thinking about those that may be less fortunate than you are.

Also, the Christmas Cheer Concert is coming this Thursday, the twelfth of December in the cafeteria at Campus East. Songs such as “Ukrainian Bell Carol”, “Et in Terra Paz” and even a few returning classics will be performed. The concert and show choirs and the band and Steel Panthers have been working very hard to learn and tweak these new and old songs, and we hope you can come see us perform. Nothing inspires the Christmas spirit more than Christmas music!

Of course, being a Catholic school, we must recognize the true meaning of Christmas. This is the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Keeping this special event in our hearts and at the centre of all we do will truly make CCH have the right Christmas spirit in our school. Our school wide Advent celebration is on Wednesday, December 18th. This is always an enjoyable celebration; we get to literally see the hard work the Santa’s Anonymous crew has put in for others, as they are preparing to deliver the hampers that afternoon, and all of the items are lined up around the gymnasium.

Just remember, we only have ten more days of school before we are finally free to go our merry ways! I wish everyone luck in their classes. Remember, study hard and have a Merry Christmas!

Was this cheesy? Of course. Do I care? No. Why? ‘CAUSE IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!

– Avery


Avery Hofferd is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. He is an esteemed actor, director, fisherman, and bridesmaid. His favourite thing about CCH is the Fine Arts program.

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