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What Sets Us Apart – Advent Edition

CCH truly is a school unlike any other. Not only do we have incredible sports programs, or our phenomenal Fine Arts department, or the ingenious quarter system, but we have something that is right within our name. Catholic Central, right? It sounds pretty cheesy and lame, I know, but the faith community at CCH is a pretty sweet thing. I believe that as human beings, most of us find comfort in being a part of a collective. Our faith is really there to support us in everything we do. I mean, think about it, we pray before class, we pray before our shows, games, before our tests. It’s a stronghold in everything we do, and it’s a huge part of who we are, as a school, as people.

photo (1)

It’s important to remember this. It’s hard, and especially at this time of year, to always keep in mind who we are, and what our beliefs are. This doesn’t just go for Catholicism, either. This stands for, individually, the good we believe in. At CCH, I think that even more important than our religion is our focus on being good people. I hope more than anything that that attitude comes through. I think that it does. Just in our last week of school before Christmas break, we had the massive Santa’s Anonymous project wrap up, and we had bake sales for relief efforts in the Philippines. Every quarter we have Grade Twelves go out and give back to the community in our Faith in Action program. This, my friends, is really something to be proud of. This is what sets us apart more than anything: our focus on others and our commitment to strive to be the best people that we can be.

Keep this in mind and carry it with you. It’s a legacy that should live on.

photo (2)

Have a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

– Baylee


Baylee Chilton is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. She enjoys copious amounts of television, novels, and terrible old indie music. Her favourite thing about CCH is the library at Campus East.


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Insert Your Coin

Insert your coins
you only get a few
Some are shiny and new
Those you got on your own
Others are a little old and worn
Those were given to you by your
parents, teachers, advice-givers

You’ve been playing for
so long but always with your coins in someone else’s
Asking again, again, are
you sure, are you sure
The freedom of decision is
rubbing in your pocket, clanging
out a beat of possibility

Step into the arcade, gleaming lights
pounding your senses, each
letting out the electronic scream of
You know which ones you like
the ones you don’t
But there’s a trick to this little
game we’re all playing
Stuck in this arcade world

Games are fun, sometimes
But we’re all playing for a reason
Searching for something in ourselves
Happiness, satisfaction, pride at
something achieved
Sometimes our coins work
Sometimes they don’t

There are times you can tell, easy –
Oh look, the cord isn’t plugged in
Go choose another game
Other times everything seems

You slide in that precious little
token, a coin to your future
And maybe the game plays for
an instant
Maybe longer than that
But suddenly something goes wrong
And all the games are melting, oozing
around your feet like boiling, bubbling
plastic, hot enough to peel back your
skin and melt away your bones
leaving nothing but the writhing mass
of a tortured soul drowning in
the destruction of all the choices that
could have been, that have been
And everything is

You can choose to stand up
or stay lying down
But if you were to stand up,
amongst the sizzling floor and
remnants of your old body,
There are yet more games

Maybe you’ll choose
wrong but maybe, just maybe,
you’ll choose right

Insert your coin

– Kima


Kima Hazelwood is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. She enjoys writing and reading fantasy, baking, and belly-dancing. Her favourite things about CCH are all the wonderful staff members and linguistic classes.

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School Hacking #4 – How To Not To Lose Your Brain Over Christmas Break

Everyone knows that feeling – that one where you’ve been going to school nearly every day for an extended period of time and you just don’t wanna no more. I usually get that feeling about halfway through December. This year’s going to hit us hard, I think, with all the snow and all. But we must persevere! We must focus! After chanting this mantra constantly through the last week of school before Christmas holidays, I’d dare to say that most of us will give up entirely for the duration of the break. I admit that I do this. Homework becomes another swear word when faced with the prospect of Christmas baking, cards with family, or even just quality time in front of the telly. But, alas, this cannot be so. Paying no mind to school work throughout the Christmas break lends itself to failed tests, missed projects, and forgetting absolutely everything learned in the first 2/3 of the quarter. (There you go, Mr. Miller. I used fractions.)

To help all the innocent children out there falling into this trap, we at Cougars With Quills decided to write this week’s blog post about “how to not lose one’s brain over Christmas break”. Or, alternately, how not to be like me.

  1. Actually do the homework assigned. I usually skim and do the bare minimum without thinking about it. This is bad. Don’t be me.
  2. Space out this homework through the entirety of the break. Don’t just do it all in one marathon sitting. This makes it easier to remember what you’ve done, and, more importantly, remember how to do it properly, especially if Math is one of this quarter’s classes.
  3. Think about what’s going on around you. Relate all those Christmas shenanigans to what you’re learning in class, if English and Social are the classes you’re taking.
  4. Do things. Get out. Be active. (But only if The Weather Network says it’s okay. Not like, -40 with the windchill kind of day, where your skin can freeze in a matter of minutes.) It’s been proven by someone or other that physical activity is a good way to keep the brain sharp.
  5. Spend some time with yourself. The Christmas season, as we all know, can be very, very hectic. This can incubate stress, which helps absolutely nobody. These blessed two weeks we are given to be away from school should be used to recharge so we can all feel rested and ready for the final bit of classes before finals. If we spend too much time doing things, rather than being calm, we don’t have the change to calm ourselves and be ready fer learnin’.

Using these five tips, we might be able to avoid the dreaded Christmas brain. If anyone has any other ideas you should throw them in the comments! It’s no use to anybody to keep those golden nuggets of information to yourself.

– Victoria (approximately myself)


Victoria Robb is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. She enjoys poetry, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick. Her favourite thing about CCH is the deep fried happiness for sale every day in the cafeteria.


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Christmas Spirit at CCH

As you are no doubt aware, Christmas is coming right around the corner, and all around the school, people are adding to the Christmas hype. HYPE! Everybody from the librarian to that kid in class you haven’t talked to before is secretly excited for Christmas. And why not? It’s fun! Except for the snow on the ground, but whatever. So, what kind of things have been going on at CCH to get us more hyped up for the holidays?

Well, Student Council has been decorating the school. Snowflakes and red and green colours everywhere. And, you may have seen the Christmas tree in the library at Campus East! Every school needs one of those. And as you know, the Santa’s Anonymous fundraiser has been going on in each class. And remember, the class that donates the most money not only gets a pizza party, but they also get the comfy spots at the Advent celebration. Be sure to keep spreading good cheer and thinking about those that may be less fortunate than you are.

Also, the Christmas Cheer Concert is coming this Thursday, the twelfth of December in the cafeteria at Campus East. Songs such as “Ukrainian Bell Carol”, “Et in Terra Paz” and even a few returning classics will be performed. The concert and show choirs and the band and Steel Panthers have been working very hard to learn and tweak these new and old songs, and we hope you can come see us perform. Nothing inspires the Christmas spirit more than Christmas music!

Of course, being a Catholic school, we must recognize the true meaning of Christmas. This is the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Keeping this special event in our hearts and at the centre of all we do will truly make CCH have the right Christmas spirit in our school. Our school wide Advent celebration is on Wednesday, December 18th. This is always an enjoyable celebration; we get to literally see the hard work the Santa’s Anonymous crew has put in for others, as they are preparing to deliver the hampers that afternoon, and all of the items are lined up around the gymnasium.

Just remember, we only have ten more days of school before we are finally free to go our merry ways! I wish everyone luck in their classes. Remember, study hard and have a Merry Christmas!

Was this cheesy? Of course. Do I care? No. Why? ‘CAUSE IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!

– Avery


Avery Hofferd is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. He is an esteemed actor, director, fisherman, and bridesmaid. His favourite thing about CCH is the Fine Arts program.

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The Halls Are Alive With The Sound of Music

It’s that time of year again! The smell of peppermint is everywhere, and the frantic gift-shopping is just beginning.

But, most importantly, the time for Christmas carolling and the same music playing on the radio day after day is starting as well. The choir and band students have just returned from their music trip, and what better way to welcome them back than to celebrate all of the amazing music groups we have in the school.

We have not one, or two music groups at CCH. No, we have four.


And I’m going to cover them all in one post.

Get ready for your mind to explode.

First up, we have our Concert Choir. Not to be mistaken with our Show Choir, the Concert Choir is currently made up of about fifty-sixty people. Not to worry though, because they still describe themselves as a “very large family”, and I’m sure they’re still looking for new additions! You may remember them during the Remembrance Day Ceremony a while ago, with their tear-jerking rendition of “What a Wonderful World”.

You know you cried a little bit. I definitely did.

They meet after school from 3:10 until 4:30, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but because Mrs. Collier is helping with the musical, Thursdays have been switched to Wednesdays. If you want to experience the perfect mix of classical music and fun, Concert Choir is for you. Contact Mrs. Collier for details.

Next, we have our Show Choir. Our Show Choir is much smaller than our Concert Choir, with around twenty-five members. As they are a smaller group, they are much closer knit. They not only sing, but add choreography to their performances. If you love the spotlight, join Show Choir! They meet every Monday from 3:15 to 4:30.

If you’re not much into singing but are more of the “instrumental” type, no worries! We have both our Steel Panthers group and our Band.

The Steel Panthers (who by far has the coolest name out of all the groups. I mean, STEEL PANTHERS. THAT IS SUCH A COOL NAME!), get together to play music and have fun. They specialize in Pans, also known as Steel Drums, but along with their five pan players, they have a bass player, a guitar player and a drummer, which brings their grand total to eight students. They also performed at the Remembrance Day Ceremony, with their version of Amazing Grace that had everyone in awe. For Christmas, they are leaning to play the Djembe, which is a very cool looking African drum.

If you’re interested in trying new instruments and having fun, the Steel Panthers meet every Friday after school. Contact Mr. Harmon for more details.

Last, but certainly not least, we have our Band. Made up of sixteen students, this group practices their musical skills and then performs at various places and events. This recent photo is from their trip to Banff. Look at them and their instruments shining in the sunlight!


So, if you’re skilled at playing a certain instrument and don’t know what you want to do next, I think you know the place to go. The band meets every Monday and Wednesday from 3:10 until 4:30.

Well, I warned you. You now know everything you’ve ever wanted to know about our choirs, band and the Steel Panthers. If after reading this blog post you still haven’t joined one of these groups and you have a love of music, I think you know what must be done.

And if you’re reading this blog post and you’re already part of one of these groups, well done! And thank you for making our school a more musical place.

– Kyra


Kyra Nicolacopoulous is a Grade Eleven student at CCH. She enjoys reading, writing, and British television shows. Her favourite thing about CCH is all of the co-curricular clubs.

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