Santa’s Anonymous

Well, it’s that time of the year, folks. Christmas is in the air, snow is falling, and carols can be heard through the wind. On second thought, actually, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. It’s November, we’ve only had a couple bouts of snow and my Christmas tree doesn’t go up until December. In fact, for most people (excluding all patrons of department stores) Christmas is relatively far back in our heads. However, one group at Catholic Central High School has been thinking about Christmas for a month and a half.

For those of you who may not know, during the first two quarters of the school year, Santa’s Anonymous meets every Wednesday to plan projects and fundraisers with the eventual goal of using funds to create Christmas hampers for local families in need. This year, forty families will be supported.

You may have been aware of recent fundraisers Santa’s Anonymous has put on: the 24-hour famine, the pumpkin sale, and currently, the classroom coin drive, running from November 15th to December 13th. The winning class is rewarded with a pizza party on December 16th, comfy chairs at the Advent Mass on December 18th, and the teacher receives a half-day sub release. Future projects include a raffle, starting November 25th, with the prizes of being an iPod dock, a gift card to Sport Chek, and a snowboard.


Running December 1st to the 13th is a silent auction to be held in the staff room of CCH East Campus, followed by a bake sale on the 10th, and a toy drive. To really get us in the Christmas spirit of giving, the present wrapping and hamper delivery take place on December 18th. Drivers for the deliveries are still needed, and interested parties are asked to sign up with Mrs. Delbello or Mr. Wikenheiser.

Maybe Christmas isn’t for a little while, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get into the spirit a little bit early. The halls don’t necessarily have to ring with Christmas carols, and maybe filing the school with snow to get into the season wouldn’t be such a great idea either, but there is something you can do. Throw some change into a coin drive tin. You can rest assured that the money is helping people, as well as the obvious incentive, not having to hear me sing.

– Jack


Jack Harvey is a Grade Ten student at CCH. He enjoys triathlons, making films, and evidently writing blog posts. He’s a new guy, so still has some exploring of CCH to do.

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