What To Expect In Quarter Two

Whoah! Can you believe an entire quarter of the school year is done? Give yourself a pat on the back for all the hard work and great things you’ve done during Quarter One! In fact, give yourself another just for surviving! That is two/three classes finished that you won’t have to worry about for at least another year and almost ten weeks of hard work is behind you. It’s a great feeling to look back on everything you’ve accomplished and learned in Quarter One.

The end of Quarter One also marks a new opportunity to improve. Perhaps you think you could have done better this quarter. With finals this week make sure to study hard to get that mark you will be proud of. Studying hard and doing well will make you feel much happier once you walk out of the gym after your exam. Finishing Quarter One happy will also help keep you motivated once you begin Quarter Two.

Even better, Quarter Two has a lot to look forward to; the Grade Twelve Harvest Retreat takes place in the first week of Quarter Two. The school will also be having liturgical celebrations to commemorate Advent and Christmas. One of those most awaited holiday seasons of the year, Christmas and New Year’s, also takes place during Quarter Two. This provides us with a nice break from the routine of school and a time to relax and recharge our batteries. Afterwards we can come back refreshed and give 110% in the final two weeks of the quarter.

Perhaps you want to get more involved in school activities this quarter. Keep your ears and eyes open for basketball tryouts. If you want to support the Cougar basketball team, they will need scorekeepers and other volunteers for the games. Of course students are always encouraged to come out and cheer on the athletes (and unlike football, basketball is indoors so it is much warmer!) Student Council also meets every Monday after school on Campus East and is planning some activities for students closer to Christmas. Yearbook is always looking for new students to join them and they meet every Friday after school.

This school year so far has been a blast and a fantastic start to what is looking to be a great year. I can’t wait to see what exciting new things Quarter Two brings to CCH.

– Jules


Jules Pankoski is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. He enjoys flying, music, and travelling. His favourite thing about CCH is the two campuses.

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