School Hacking #2 – Tips and Tricks for Exam Week Preparation

Hello fellow students! We have almost made it through quarter one. You might be reviewing in class by now or finishing up the last few concepts. Those of you who are new to CCH might be sitting in class, thinking “WHERE DID THE TIME GO!?!?!” But worry not – the following are a few tips for exam week preparation.

1) Study cards – I know you may think study cards seem lame, but they are actually very helpful. Instead of shuffling through pages upon pages of notes, all of the concepts are right there printed nicely on cards. It can be a great way to study as well since you’re actually going to have to go back through things to write them down on the cards.

2) SLEEP! – Don’t forget to get some rest! You don’t want to show up to an exam tired and brain dead. Even though you may be tempted to squeeze in as much knowledge as possible the night before a test, it’s never a good idea to stay up late before you take any exam.

3) Bring a water bottle – Not only is it important to hydrate for health reasons, it also keeps your brain working. A hydrated body makes a happy mind. It will help you remember things, and generally, you will feel much better if your body is properly hydrated.

4) Use Flex Time – This is not your “lunch hour”. Even though you eat lunch during this time, that isn’t what it was created for. Usually, teachers will be in their classrooms or you may have to book a flex appointment, but the staff is always very good at helping students during this time. If you are unsure of something, ASK! Don’t leave it until the last minute and panic over it during the last few days before your exam. E-mail your teacher if necessary; they are there to help you.

5) Study party – Now I’m not sure about the rest of you but, personally, when I invite a friend over to study we don’t get anything done. (Unless it’s Kyra – she keeps me in line.) Inviting friends over to study rarely ever works. Instead, find a few people from your class and hang out with them in the classroom at Flex. These people will usually be willing to study with you. Don’t forget to lean on your parents; don’t hesitate to ask them to quiz you.

6) Take a break! – Goodness! Have I really been studying for two hours? Your teachers are not going to tell you to sit down and study until you fall asleep. Every 30-45 minutes, get up, walk around the house, find a snack or a drink, and/or take a washroom break. If you study nonstop, all day, you aren’t going to remember much. It will probably turn into a big bowl of mush inside your head. Taking breaks refreshes your mind and things will be more likely to stick.

Following these tips should help your tests go smoothly. Good luck to all of you on your upcoming final exams!

– Nicole


Nicole Anton is a Grade Eleven student at CCH. She enjoys writing novels, English class, and cooking. Her favourite thing about CCH is that there are always great activities going on.

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One response to “School Hacking #2 – Tips and Tricks for Exam Week Preparation

  1. Joanne Polec

    Very wise words to live by! Now, do you have any hacking advice for teachers to survive exam week? 🙂 Thanks Nicole.


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