What Your Teachers Are Doing

Last week, students had a super triple deluxe long weekend. Along with Thanksgiving, there were two professional development days: one that was division-wide and the other was school-based.

I imagine a lot of you were all snuggled in bed, dreaming of summer vacation or winning the lottery or Justin Bieber, or whatever you crazy kids love nowadays. All the while, your teachers were up, bright and early, working hard to make CCH the great place that it is. In order for your teachers to be role models for learning, they need to do some learning themselves. And this is what PD days are all about, kids.

I’m sure I’m not the only teacher who would admit this, but I love to learn. I love stretching my mind to take in new things, to try different pieces of the puzzle that is the art of teaching, and to think about how I fit into it all. The conversations that occur during these professional days are always encouraging and helpful, and they are always centred around you.

Yep, you. We borrow ideas and expertise from other teachers about what they’ve done for their students and we think about how we could make our classrooms better for you.

In a lot of ways, we are like another set of parents. We worry when you’re struggling, we encourage you to try, and we beam with pride when you succeed. And, most importantly, we gather together as a community to support each other when this thing we do gets difficult. You know why this thing we do gets difficult? Here’s a universal truth for you: the minute you begin to love someone, things get difficult.

You read that analogy right. Your teachers love you.

For any family to thrive, experts say that the parents (your teachers) need to spend time together “away from the kids”. It’s not because we don’t want to spend time with you; it’s because that time is needed to strengthen our sense of purpose, to restore our solidarity, and to discuss with each other how we can best provide a home for you.

And so, we worked hard. We facilitated and/or attended sessions, listened to new ideas, had meetings, worked on growth plans…

…and managed to squeeze in a little bit of fun.


Because if we can’t have fun together as a family, then we aren’t a very strong family.

If you didn’t know this already kids, let me be the first to tell you: your teachers at CCH are really cool people. They are loads of fun and clearly, as the photographic evidence reveals, they are also talented beyond your wildest expectations. Who knew Mr. Collier was so good at picking up and carrying a toothbrush with just the bill of his cap? These are essential life skills, people. 

So, while you were enjoying your extra two days off, your teachers were modelling the fundamentals of learning: they listened, they discussed, they collaborated, and they played.

– Mrs. Hartman


Mrs. Hartman is the Lead English teacher and Blog Administrator at CCH. When she’s not marking papers, you will find her writing, reading, scrapbooking, running with her dog, reading, writing, cooking, singing, and writing. Her favourite things about CCH are all of the amazing people she works with every day.


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2 responses to “What Your Teachers Are Doing

  1. Joanne Polec

    Awe man, now they know our secrets! Our love for them is like kryptonite. Hmmm, if that’s not already a great song lyric, it should be. Great post Mrs Hartman!

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