Campus East + Campus West = One Unique School

CCH is one of the most unique schools in Canada and one of the main reasons is because it has two campuses. Although these two campuses are the same school, they each have their own unique identities making each a little different, but together, they make CCH the great school it is. So get ready! You are about to see what CCH’s two campuses have to offer, and be given a good taste of what to expect from each of them.

The West campus is home to CCH’s hockey and golf academies as well as our very own state of the art pre-engineering lab. One of Mrs. Koran’s goals for CCH’s future is establishing a distinct identity for Campus West; there is proposed idea that Campus West may become a centre for science and inquiry. Because the West campus is much smaller compared to the East campus, it is much quieter and less crowded, which is conducive to studying. If you’re taking a science class and you find that you work better on your assignments when you’re outside of the classroom, the West campus is great for this. You may also get a chance to work in the e-learning centre. The e-learning centre is sort of like a library, but without books. It has many computers and tables offering large spaces for working on assignments and projects.

The East campus offers all of the same core academic options available on the West side but has more of a performing arts focus. It is home to the Eggplant, CCH’s very own performing arts centre where auditions for this year’s production, The Sound of Music, have just wrapped up. Also located on the East campus is the music room where the Steel Panthers and Music Academy work. The East side is also where the numerous second language classes take place and is also home to a full library. Campus East has at least double the amount of students at any time so you’re more than likely to see people you know.

Both campuses are great for fitness and recreation as they each haveĀ a standard-sized gymnasium and fully equipped fitness centres that are open for students at Flex time. This is a great and inexpensive way to keep fit with friends. Both campuses also have large cafeterias with tons of seating as well as a canteen where students can buy a hot meal. Each campus has its own chapel, offering a smaller space for celebrations, or for personal prayer. Both campuses offer every student the same core academic options, allowing one to have most of their time in CCH at either campus of their choice.

Now you can see the differences between Campus West, the more science and technology based campus, while Campus East has more of a performing arts focus. Nonetheless, regardless of which campus we attend, we are all a part of the CCH family and together we all share the cougar spirit!

– Jules


Jules Pankoski is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. He enjoys flying, music, and travelling. His favourite thing about CCH is the two campuses.

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