Confessions of a New Student

I think it’s fairly safe to assume that at some point, each of us has had a first day at a new school. It was only five weeks ago when I walked down these halls for the first time as a student here. You may have done that yourself anywhere from years ago to yesterday, but I expect the experience is pretty much the same.

The night before was actually fairly normal. I’m not sure I still believed I had to go back to school the next day; everything still felt so…summer-like. I arrived forty minutes earlier than I needed to, met my teacher, said “hi” to a few classmates, walked around, got lost, and eventually made it back to class just as the bell rang. The next day I arrived at class just as the bell rang again, but that time I had only been in the building for about two minutes.

Like any new place, it started off feeling huge. In fact, it took me the first full week to fully understand the layout of Campus East. I remember the moment the final piece clicked into place. “Oh, so that hallway connects to that hallway right there!” Admittedly I still hadn’t figured out where all the water fountains and washrooms are. I still haven’t.

From the start I was worried about the quarter system, I will admit. Three hour-long classes? Those three words, in that order, should be terrifying. Of course, I discovered on that first day that it actually isn’t so bad. In fact, I’m rather enjoying it. I suppose it depends on what those classes are to a certain extent, but it seems to me that only having to manage two classes at one time, for such a period of time, works out well in the end.

That first day of lunch I had a chicken sandwich, and it was a good sandwich, but I doubt anyone cares about it. The next day, however, I tried out the cafeteria.  I ended up enjoying some chicken fingers (with plum sauce, of course) rather than experiencing the usual stereotype that cafeteria food is disgusting gruel. Of course, the problem is the line. I’ve quickly learned to reduce my class-to-locker-to-cafeteria time, and soon I’m going to try removing the locker from the equation.

I met a few new people over the first few days, two of whom I never saw again and no one else seemed to remember. A few of the ones that didn’t mysteriously disappear, however, I have befriended. I still spend time with friends I made from schools previous, but am glad I took the opportunity to meet some new people. I’ve joined Santa’s Anonymous and Athletic Leadership, neither of which I have come to regret.

So far, I’m rather enjoying my time at CCH. I feel like this is the point at which I’m supposed to tell you the moral of this story, or the lesson I’ve learned, and that is as follows:

You can only have a good experience if you go out and have experiences. Some things you try might not be worth it, but others will. You might meet a few people you dislike, as well as some you do. Eventually you’re going to walk out of this school for a final time, as a different person.

And me? I hope to be the better for it.

– Jack

What are your impressions of the first few weeks at CCH? Have any interesting stories? Be sure to share below.


Jack Harvey is a Grade Ten student at CCH. He enjoys triathlons, making films, and evidently writing blog posts. He’s a new guy, so still has some exploring of CCH to do.


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4 responses to “Confessions of a New Student

  1. Sandra Dufresne

    Thanks for the blog, Jack! It took me back to my first day of high school – which is in the ‘many years ago’ category. Keep up with those new experiences!

  2. Joanne Polec

    Thank you for sharing your experiences over the last five weeks, even down to the plum sauce!

  3. Mrs. Yawney

    Wow. Good for you for discovering and blogging in your first few weeks at a new school. There are many kindred spirits who have similar experiences and it is nice to share them.
    Welcome Jack!

  4. Nice Blog, Love the writing style, I have a similar one, Follow me?


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